The Best Monthly Maintenance Tips During the Summer for Colorado residents in Wheat Ridge

Summer in Wheat Ridge, Colorado is a great time for getting some home maintenance tasks done. The weather is warm enough that you can take care of the exterior of your home, and your garden.

1. Air Conditioner

You should have already prepped your air conditioner for Summer, but if you haven’t then you should do it as soon as possible. You should clean out the filters every month or two. Most homes in Wheat Ridge, Colorado have large swamp cooler units, and these are generally quite easy to clean. If you have a central air system, you might want to have a professional come out and service it, and fix any minor problems before they become huge issues. If you decide to go for AC replacement, then you should look at wholesale air conditioners, as you may be able to get a better deal.

2. Gardening

You should be preparing your lawn and garden for the summer months ahead. In June begin by deep watering, and then a period of moisture stress to encourage a deep root system. Keep your mowing height quite high, as the grass can catch the sunlight, which encourages more root mass and greater root depth. You should also be fertilizing in June to make sure that the nitrogen levels are right. In July and August, you should water your lawn according to its condition. You won’t be able to depend on the rain fall in Colorado to do this for you. You should watch your garden for insect problems, and if you need to, call a professional to help get rid of them.

3. Inspect Your Home

Summer is a good time to go around you home and inspect the plumbing, both indoors and outdoors. Look at the faucets and toilets for leaks, Check the water pressure, and if there’s a problem then it’s more than likely that the aerator is the cause. Remove it, clean it well and reassemble it. You should also check the grout in the kitchen and bathrooms. Repair or replace any that needs it.

4. Clean Your Deck/ Patio

With the hot, Summer weather in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, it’s a great time to clean off your deck and patio. You can take the opportunity to check it for loose boards or posts, and repair them. You might also want to re-stain the deck so it looks fresh.

5. Clean Your Garage

Summer is a perfect time to clean and organize your garage. Doing a yearly deep clean every Summer can help to identify any issues and repairs that are needed.

6. Clean Any Vents

Check any vents that run to the outside of your home to make sure that they’re running like they should be. Clean them out, and check for blockages. If there’s a problem then you might want to consult a professional to fix the issue, or consider replacing the vent.

If you do these things regularly every Summer, then you can spot small problems before they become big problems, which could be very expensive to put right. You might even be able to fix some issues yourself.