The Best Monthly Maintenance Tips During the Summer for Utah Residents in Salt Lake

Summers and Salt Lake are not a good fit. The humidity and substantially increasing heat can be extremely overwhelming. So, the only outlet that will help you survive this kind of torturous climate is your air conditioner. 

On such a hot day, last thing that you want is for your AC to go out on you. Since it is just a machine, you need to be vigilant with its monthly maintenance, especially when you are using it so frequently for such a long period of time.

While your AC was sitting ideal, it must have caught debris, dirt and dry leaves inside of it. What it really requires is a thorough service before you can switch it on and savor its delicious coolness. However it is recommended for you to let the professionals handle first service of your AC but if you wish to do it yourself, there are many sources available on internet for your help.

So, let’s begin with a monthly maintenance routine for your AC-

The Basics– Mostly, the AC consists of two main components, the condenser unit, located outside the room and an evaporator unit. You can get rid of the dirt by simply dusting it away. But the refrigeration system is not something that you can service yourself. That is why we have recommended for you to seek professional help once before starting your AC after winters. If you fail to get your AC services before summer then you might damage it and have to go for complete AC replacement later.

Safety Tips– Before you start cleaning the machine, turn off the power. Also disconnect the 240 volts weatherproof box which is kept next to the AC as it consists of fuses, circuit breaker, lever, etc.

Work on the Filters– Whenever you see the furnace or air handler filter clogged with dirt and dust, simply clean or replace it. Air flow will be restricted if the filters are not cleaned properly and the efficiency of the machine will be damaged. Also, it will circulate allergic air inside the house, causing various health problems.

Clean Condenser Coils– Condenser efficiency is depleted due to the embedded dirt on it. In order to clean it, you need to remove the protective grilles or panels that cover it using a screwdriver. Use a soft brush to simply clean the dirt away and once you are done cleaning, attach the panel again and enjoy seamless working of the air conditioner.

In Salt Lake, if you don’t have a cooling appliance, we recommend buying from wholesale air conditioner store at an affordable price.