The Best Way Palm Springs Residents in California Control Humidity in Their Homes

Many people complain about almost everything. However, in Palm Springs, no one complains about plenty of rain … Too much, maybe! With the stunning lack of rain come highly dry conditions to the extent that it impacts the quality of indoor air negatively. For optimum comfort, indoor humidity in your house should be around 30-50%. Anytime humidity gets to the 60-70% range, it gets uncomfortable. Here are some of the things that can happen with excess humidity in your home:

  • Your house will feel hotter
  • Your hair gets frizzy
  • You’ll experience sleep problems
  • The air feels wet
  • Mold spores begin to grow
  • Pets smell worse
  • Doors stick and wood swells

Having known the devastating effects of excessive humidity in your house, let us now look at the best ways to control it in your home:

Check for leaking pipes

You must fix any leaks to ensure that there’s no moisture emanating from that side. The first place you need to check is the condensation from cold or hot water pipes. A great and affordable way of insulating is by using some pool noodles utilized for swimming. All you need to do is slice them and then fit over the pipes. They are much affordable compared to pipe sleeves. If necessary, you can use a duct tape to firmly secure it.

Line dry clothes outdoor

Of great importance to note is that dryers, even those that are vented outside, may produce excessive moisture inside the home. You can also add humidity in your home by hanging wet clothes indoors to dry. By drying your clothes outside, you’ll not only be able to reduce humidity levels inside the house, but the clothes will also smell better.


Ventilation goes miles in increasing air flow and reducing humidity. This is especially true in areas, which create moisture such as the bathroom, basement, and kitchen. With vent fans present, you need to turn them on and leave them like that for longer. If not, you should consider hiring an electrician to install them.

Utilize a dehumidifier

The best attribute about a dehumidifier is the fact that it can tell you the relative humidity in your house. When it reaches a certain level, light flashes, and the unit shuts off. You can then use the water for other purposes such as watering plants. Alternatively, you can channel it to your plumbing.

Temporarily place house plants

You can put house plants outside or inside the house. If you opt for the latter, it is prudent to concentrate them in a single room. The best thing about planting plants is the fact that they release moisture vapor into the air. When you have many plants in your house, they can really reduce humidity levels. The only caveat is to avoid overwatering them as it can make matters worse.