The Health & Wealth Benefits of Home Energy Efficiency in Palm City, Florida

Having a poorly functioning air conditioner is like letting a slow leak continuing to leak. You might only notice a few drops right away, but overtime that leak will fill buckets, draining your energy savings and polluting the quality of air in-and outside of-your home. Investing in an energy efficient, wholesale air conditioner is a financial and health game changer. When your AC is functioning properly and made to be eco-friendly and energy efficient, let’s just say the proof is in your wallet.

It’s no secret that air conditioners are expensive. The regular maintenance and high demand for AC replacements in the humidity of Palm City Summers has residents looking into increasingly reliable air conditioners that do more than just keep them cool for a few months. With an energy efficient air conditioner, your home temperatures will be regulated by producing less energy than a typical AC unit, decreasing Palm City residents’ energy bills by up to 20% in the peak of Summer. Employing smart growth technologies and systems in your home is an investment worth making. Of course, if you’re doing the work to find the best, most affordable and energy efficient air conditioner out there, you’re no stranger to the health benefits of energy efficiency as well.

When people rely less on high demanding systems that drink up energy to no end, they are effectively reducing air pollution by producing fewer emissions that lower air quality. In Palm City, allergies, asthma and other breathing concerns are a big issue during Hurricane Season. As people buckle down for a Summer spent in the pool or in doors, their inefficient air conditioners are put under exceptional pressure with their energy bills taking the heat. Additionally, what often goes unseen is the health impacts of reckless energy usage. Allergies and asthma are affected by humidity and heat waves bearing pollen, but they are primarily triggered by air pollution-a prime carrier for the unhealthy emissions produced by inefficient air conditioners.

An energy efficient air conditioner goes hand in hand with other practical measures, such as maintaining a properly insulated home. No home owner can stress enough how critical this investment is all year-round. Having a well-insulated home keeps energy use lower by easily containing minimal efforts of thermal regulation by way of an air conditioner or heat source. Another key tip is switching out lightbulbs for those that are energy efficient, you won’t remember the last time you had to change a bulb their lives are so long! By taking steps to have an energy efficient home, you will reduce the regular upkeep and maintenance of your appliances, home repairs and take better care of you and your community’s health.