The Health & Wealth Benefits of Home Energy Efficiency in Riverside, California

Green in more than one way

Californians are no strangers to the effects of smog on their air quality and health. Riverside, California in specific unfortunately has to deal with the smog carried over by winds from the Los Angeles Basin region. This is a problem if you’re out and about shopping at the open air Riverside Plaza. Though this may be a problem sometimes, it doesn’t have to be at home.

Here are some of the ways that having an energy efficient home can benefit both your health and wealth.

For your health

Living in a home that keeps its air clean and climate-controlled can have some major health benefits. By having your windows open all day long, you’re letting in contaminants, allergens, dust, and humidity. A home full of these instigators can lead to a multitude of issues that directly lead to health issues. For example, a home that is too humid will develop mold and mildew more easily, which may lead to breathing issues. Your open windows that let in allergens and dust freely will surely cause the miserable symptoms that allergies bring.

An air-tight home with a quality air conditioner will replace old air with fresh outside air that has gone through a system of filters and a dehumidifier that is much easier to breathe. Your lungs will thank you for having a home that keeps these health hazards out of your body.

And the environment

Not only does your health benefit from an energy efficient home, but the environment around you does too. By definition, energy efficient uses energy better. Well, this means at least one thing: your home is using less energy. This eases the strain on the grid that California suffers frequently during the hot summer months.

If you haven’t already, consider upgrading your old air conditioner to an Energy Star certified unit. Visit your local wholesale air conditioner or home improvement store for a wide variety of options for an AC replacement.

Saves you money

Since you’re green by saving energy, you’re also being green by saving all the extra money.

Here are some ways you’ll save:

  • Cashing in on rebates and other tax incentives by improving the energy efficiency of your home
  • An energy efficient appliance like an air conditioner cools without as many resources, resulting in a lower energy bill.
  • You won’t need to heat or cool your house as much with a well-insulated house that keeps out humidity and outside temperature.
  • You’ll spend less on light bulbs since energy efficient units last longer.

Improves the economy

In a perfect world, every home in America would be energy efficient. This would include all or most appliances having the Energy Star certification, CFL or LED light bulbs, well-insulated attics/walls, and tightly-sealed windows and joints. If you look even more into the future, you’ll see a state such as California with a boom in solar panel usage as the cost per panel. Combine all of these together, and you’ll see less total energy output by Americans as a whole. This means less reliance on other countries for energy, and more money in everyone’s pockets.