Ways to go green with AC in Palm City, Florida

If you are concerned about keeping a tighter budget this Summer and supporting the environment while you’re at it, then consider these simple ways to go green with your wholesale air conditioner. Purchasing an air conditioner at wholesale prices is an exceptional start. You are reducing additional environmental factors of commercialism by going straight to the source for a more affordable, eco-friendly cooling system. Awesome first step! Regardless of if your air conditioner was wholesale or not, there are many ways you can continue to air condition responsibly.

The first necessity to going green in Palm City is reducing indoor humidity. Pro-tip on humidity: the inside of your home may be even more humid than outside. Natural occurring moisture from the dishwasher, washing machine, bathing, and cooking are all absorbed in the air creating a muggy and hotter feeling even in an otherwise cool temperature. Indoor humidity is the number one issue in Palm City for ecological and energy guzzling detriment. The solution? Try to purchase an air conditioner that double acts as a dehumidifier. Ensure that your windows are properly sealed and share the burden. Bathroom and oven fans are both designed to absorb humidity and take less energy to use. Leaving them on an hour after production can save the amount of work your air conditioner is doing while reducing your carbon footprint.

When your air conditioner is working harder than needed, it will burn through its life cycle quicker than you’d think. By taking the important, eco-friendly steps with your air conditioner, you are reducing the need for a premature AC replacement. One way to keep your AC relaxed is heavy drapes or slated curtains. Blocking out natural heat waves throughout the day does wonders for your air conditioner, your energy bill and your environmental conscience. You can also reduce indoor heatwaves by washing clothes, dishes and doing the bulk of indoor cooking during cooler times of day such as the morning or late evening.

Lastly, while most modern homes in Palm City come with installed ceiling fans, many do not. Investing in something this simple can have a profound impact on your budget and your eco-friendly air conditioning system. Ceiling fans use minimal energy sources and help extend the work of an air conditioner through active re-circulation, bringing cool air near the floor up to breeze throughout a room.

Happy cooling!