Ways to go green with AC in Palm Springs, CA

A fashionable resort city, Palm Springs is located right at the base of the Santa Rosa Mountains in Southern California. The city hosts countless golf tournaments, and Hollywood productions. Palm Springs homeowners are always looking for ways to go green with their AC. For a long time now, many people have considered air conditioning un-green. This is because it accounts for more than 50% of energy consumption. ACs are responsible for tones and tones of carbon dioxide that’s emitted every year to the environment. Consequently, authorities and homeowners are constantly looking for ways to cut down on the carbon footprint that’s attributed to an air conditioner.

Here are some of the ways to go green with AC in Palm Springs, CA:

#1: Replace Old AC with a New One

Old HVAC systems not only break down but also lose their efficiency as they age. As they become less efficient, the more energy they consume. While new systems definitely outperform the old ones, the most efficient ones are ENERGY STAR systems. Regardless of your option, you must ensure that it is the right size for the home. Choosing the wrong size means that you’ll end up wasting plenty of energy.

#2: Install a Thermostat

Having a manual thermostat doesn’t bring with it many advantages. Actually, the advantages are countable. With a programmable thermostat, you’re able to set specific temperatures during the day especially when you are not in the house. It is highly recommended that you ease off the cooling and heating at night by roughly 10 degrees. The small changes can go miles in slashing not only your energy costs, but also usage in no time.

#3: Utilize Natural Lighting to Manage Temperature

Does your house have west-facing windows? If yes, then you certainly know how hot your room can be in the afternoon. During winter, you can always use the windows to your advantage. Nonetheless, as the weather warms up, it can turn out to be such a major issue. For this reason, ensure that you utilize shades, curtains, and blinds effectively to cool and heat every room as naturally as possible.

#4: Install Everything Properly

Uncle Chuck may have convinced you to install the new unit for no more than a six-pack of beer. Sadly, this is not the road you want to travel down. While he might get it up and running, he might not do so as efficiently as a professional would. In fact, hiring an inexperienced person will cost you so much money in the long run. The best thing about hiring an expert is the fact that you can be given rebates on a furnace and AC replacement. Therefore, it’s important to take advantage while you can.

Going green with your AC in Palm Springs shouldn’t be as challenging as many people claim it to be. You can certain do so through the above four steps.