Wheat Ridge Residents in Colorado share What to Do When Your AC Goes Out

Your air conditioner is an expensive appliance, and in the hot, dry Colorado summers, it’s a really important one. If it goes out, your Wheat Ridge home can very quickly become far too hot, and the air can get very dry. There are some common reasons that your air conditioner fails, and it might be easy to get it going again.

If your air conditioner won’t turn on, then you should check that there is power to the rest of your house, and neighbourhood. If there’s power everywhere else, check the unit outside, and see if the condenser is running. Then check that everything is plugged in, and that the thermostat is set properly and has batteries. You should try lowering your thermostat by around ten degrees, and making sure that it’s set to cool. You should check your fuses as well. The problem could be something as simple as a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker, which are very easy problems to fix. If none of this works, then it could be a bigger problem, like the motor, or the compressor. You will need to call a professional repair technician to assess the unit and fix the problem.

If your air conditioner is turning on but isn’t cooling the air, then the problem may be that the condenser is blocked or dirty. The outside unit should have at least two meters of clearance on all sides, so make sure that there isn’t any debris or foliage blocking it. Change or clean the filter, as this can affect your unit’s ability to cool air. If the unit still isn’t cooling the air, then it may be a problem with the refrigerant or the compressor, and you’ll need to have a professional look at it.

If the air conditioner isn’t cooling your home properly, then it may be that the unit is too small for the size of your house. You might need to replace it with a bigger unit. You can try to find a wholesale air conditioner, as it could be cheaper for you.

Your unit should be able to make your home about 25 degrees cooler than the summer day outside. In Wheat Ridge, the average summer day is around 88 degrees Fahrenheit, so your home should be around 63 degrees Fahrenheit. If the outside temperatures are within the averages for Wheat Ridge, and your unit is the right size, but isn’t cooling your home, then the problem could be a frozen evaporator coil. If there is icing on your unit, shut it off, and call for a professional to repair it.