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Saving thousands on a new heating and cooling system has never been so easy.

We've made buying a brand new, fully warrantied, heating and cooling system as simple as ordering a pizza.

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How Pricefixer works.

3 simple steps to save you thousands.

Select your

Design the perfect heating and cooling system for your climate, square footage and budget by answering a few short questions. Choose your warranty and whether or not you would like to finance your purchase.

Perfect Match™ Confirmation

A TruTech Certified™ technician will visit your home and perform a Perfect Match™ Confirmation prior to installation. This guarantees the right fit and specifications for your home and it’s completely free of charge.

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Schedule your installation date during your Perfect Match™ Confirmation. Rest easy knowing your equipment will be installed perfectly, the first time, and that everything is completely 100% guaranteed.

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High quality systems. Even better savings.

Name brand ac systems
Name brand systems
Certified ac installations
TruTech Certified™ installations
10 Year AC System Warranties Included
10-Year parts warranty with optional labor included
Local Service and Support, Nationwide Coverage
Local service and support
No excuses, 100% guarantee
100% No Excuses Guarantee

From professional installation, local service and support to name brand high efficiency equipment, you’ll never compromise with Pricefixer.

No pesky sales person. No commissions.

When you shop at Pricefixer, you’ll never pay a sales commission, so you’ll never have to worry about a pesky sales person who’s more interested in earning a huge commission, rather than helping you select the perfect system for your home... and your budget. And, with our good, better, best selection options, you’re in total control of the type of system that’s best for you.

AC System Icon
An excellent choice if you’re on a budget or don’t plan to be in your home very long.
AC System Icon
Our most popular system with superior energy efficiency and excellent utility savings.
AC System Icon
Our very best system for ultra-high energy efficiency and premium utility savings.

Every system at Pricefixer is guaranteed to heat or cool your home properly. The good, better, and best system options relate primarily to energy efficiency. All central air systems include a 10-year parts and optional 10-year labor warranty, professional TruTech Certified™ installation and a Perfect Match™ Confirmation that guarantees the system you purchase will be a perfect match for your home.

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Good, better or best?
Pricefixer Testimonials
Peter G.
"Pricefixer has better warrantees and lower prices on high efficiency heating and cooling. No wonder they list pricing online for everyone to see. I love doing business with a transparent company that has nothing to hide."
-Peter G.
Pricefixer Testimonials
Vanessa Binkley
"Pricefixer is open 24-hours a day, 365-days a year allowing me to obtain an immediate quote on my time schedule."
-Vanessa Binkley
Pricefixer Testimonials
Kim O’Connor
"My air conditioner quit in the middle of the hot summer. I thought I was going to have to pay outrageous prices and go without AC for weeks. But, the Pricefixer online quote tool made it easy to select the perfect system, and have it installed the next day. Thank you!"
-Kim O’Connor
Pricefixer Testimonials
Steve Vogl
"The equipment was installed, and it works great. was definitely cheaper than all the other quotes I had."
-Steve Vogl
Pricefixer Testimonials
Mary Lawlor
"It was easy! I went online, reserved equipment, requested an appointment for a perfect match confirmation, then set an installation date. I saved a ton of money, too!"
-Mary Lawlor

How Pricefixer saves you thousands.

National buying power
Pricefixer works directly with manufacturers to provide you with the lowest price on HVAC equipment guaranteed. If you find a lower price, we will match it and give you an additional 5% discount.
No massive mark-ups
The traditional HVAC model is loaded with overhead, marketing costs and other factors that bloat the price on HVAC equipment by more than four times the actual cost. We operate with no overhead and pass the savings onto you.
No commissions
Our TruTech Certified™ installers are the best in the industry. They are experienced installers, not salespeople, and they are dedicated to providing you with the very best service possible—not earning a commission.
Local installers
We employ skilled, local installers in your area to install your new heating and cooling equipment. These installers are dedicated to making sure your equipment is installed perfectly the first time. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will make it right.
Tech competency
The day your heating and cooling equipment is installed is the most important day of it's life. All of our installers are required to complete our TruTech Certified™ program ensuring your equipment is installed perfectly.
Easy financing
Pricefixer works directly with a national financing company to provide easy 10-year financing to all of our customers. This is available the day you purchase your equipment. Low interest. No hassles. No hidden fees.
No inventory costs
Pricefixer buys direct from the manufacturer. When the local installer visits your home the date of your scheduled installation, he or she will pick up your equipment directly from the distributor and bring it to your home.
Quotes online & by phone
Traditional heating and cooling shops require a visit to your home before they will give you a quote. This visit costs money—a cost that is passed onto you. Pricefixer provides all quotes online or over the phone, allowing us to pass this savings onto you.
Pricefixer local installer
TruTech Certified™ means better installations.

Becoming a TruTech Certified™ technician isn’t easy. It takes years of dedicated experience in the field and hundreds of hours of professional training. In fact, TruTech Certified™ technicians never stop learning. Pricefixer offers continuous training classes both online and by experienced seasoned pros. Better trained means better technicians. That makes us more efficient – and that saves you money.

It only takes 5 minutes to save thousands.

Get an instant price
Professional installation included
With Pricefixer, everything is included with your new HVAC system, including delivery and professional installation. Plus, we’ll even disconnect, remove and responsibly recycle your old equipment free of charge.
Better warranties.
Lower prices.
Free Delivery
Your new system is delivered free in the continental USA.
Old System Removal
Our team will disconnect, remove and recycle your HVAC system.
Parts Warranty
All equipment is covered by the manufacturer's 10-year warranty.
Labor Warranty
All installations are covered for one year. You can also extend this warranty.
Pricefixer Difference is Like Buying Direct
Like buying direct. Only better.
HVAC companies that operate under the traditional model are burdened with high overhead costs that get passed on to the homeowner. Pricefixer’s low overhead costs and industry experience allow you to enjoy the lowest equipment and labor costs available.
The Difference
The Other Guys
Equipment Costs
Equipment Costs


Pricefixer uses the exact same equipment that traditional HVAC shops use. With our national buying power and extensive knowledge of heating and cooling brands, we are able to provide you with the absolute lowest prices available.

The Other Guys:

Traditional heating and cooling companies encourage you to buy one of the seven parent heating and cooling equipment brands. These brands cost more and therefore offer a bigger commission to the salesperson selling the equipment.

Labor Costs
Labor Costs


Pricefixer partners with skilled local installers and pays the highest wages in the marketplace. Our installers are hardworking, talented craftsmen who take pride in their work. Because our installers are skilled, experienced and trustworthy, they make fewer mistakes and take less time—both of which save money in the long run.

The Other Guys:

To support large overhead costs, traditional heating and cooling companies must employ skilled salespeople to guarantee a sale when they visit a home. This forces companies to spend more time and money on training technicians to be salespeople, rather than training employees to be experienced technicians skilled in servicing heating and cooling units.

Commissions Costs
Commissions Costs


Pricefixer pays our installers the highest wages in the industry and do not offer commissions for equipment sales. This allows us to not only partner with the most skilled installers in the industry, but also ensures your installer is truly focused on offering the best service and advice for your unique situation—not on selling you a new unit to make a commission.

The Other Guys:

Traditional heating and cooling companies pay their technicians large commissions for equipment sales. These commissions not only result in higher costs for you, but also in technicians that are more interested in selling you a new unit than servicing the one you have.

Marketing Costs
Marketing Costs


Pricefixer’s quality and service speaks for itself. Our primary source of new business is word-of-mouth. By not spending large amounts on billboards, print ads and other forms of marketing, we pass the savings onto you.

The Other Guys:

In order to support large overhead costs, traditional HVAC companies must spend large amounts on marketing to attract more customers. This cost is passed onto you.

Inventory Costs
Inventory Costs


We work directly with equipment manufacturers and local distributors. When you have new equipment installed, your local installer will deliver your new equipment direct from the distributor. These relationships allow us to save on inventory costs and keep your costs low.

The Other Guys:

Many traditional HVAC companies maintain their own inventory. Keeping a large inventory costs money for storage, insurance and other related costs. This overhead is rolled into your final cost on the equipment.

Financing Costs
Financing Costs


Pricefixer offers complete financing transparency. NEVER will you pay a hidden dealer fee. Simple. Easy. Instant Approvals. That’s Pricefixer Financing.

The Other Guys:

The other guys use “No Interest” and “Low Interest” financing gimmicks that come with insanely huge hidden fees. To cover the cost of these financing fees the contractor ultimately inflates the retail price YOU pay.

Warranty Costs
Warranty Costs


Pricefixer includes a 10 Year Equipment and 1 Year Labor Warranty with all of its products. This warranty is completely free. We want our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase and will go the extra step to make sure you recommend Pricefixer to everyone who needs new heating and cooling equipment. If you are interested in a longer warranty, you can extend your labor warranty to 3, 5 or 10 years. This allows you to choose the best warranty based on your budget and how long you plan on living in your home.

The Other Guys:

In an effort to make the sale, traditional heating and cooling shops will tell you they include a 10 year warranty with their equipment. Often, when you read the fine print, you will see that this warranty does not include a warranty on labor. This means you will have to pay $50-$100 per hour for someone to come install the part. If the warranty does include labor, keep in mind that these costs are rolled into the initial purchase price of your heating and cooling equipment. This means you are paying upwards of $700 for a 10-year warranty when you may be planning on moving in the next year or two.

Fees & Add-Ons
Fees & Add-Ons


The total system cost you’re provided is the total cost you will pay at Pricefixer. No other heating and cooling company will offer you an instant price on your system (including installation) and many companies will attempt to add on additional fees for items or services you never asked for or approved. We’ll never nickel and dime you for added parts or additional labor and we’ll never try to upsell you on a different system or service that you don’t need. It’s all part of our TruTransparency Pricing™ which guarantees that you’ll pay only for what you need and not a penny more for features you don’t.

The Other Guys:

Some HVAC contractors will go out of there way to try and sell you parts, upgrades and services you don’t need and more importantly, many times those upgrades aren’t really upgrades at all. They won’t increased your comfort and rarely will those upgrades offer you any additional efficiency. Plus, that technician in your home may be a “salesman in disguise” and be paid a hefty commission for increasing the total invoice cost for your services or equipment.

Total Savings with Pricefixer
Total Savings with Pricefixer

It only takes 5 minutes to save thousands.

Get an instant price

Your actual savings will vary depending on the size and efficiency of the system. Savings shown are based on an 18 SEER heat pump with a variable speed air handler and additional labor warranty, added humidification system and pleated filter.
3 things to avoid when buying heating & cooling.
Salespeople disguised as technicians
To support their large overhead costs, traditional heating and cooling companies must use technician visits as an opportunity to sell. This means that oftentimes the person visiting your house is trained more as a salesperson than a skilled technician.
Massive mark-ups on equipment and labor
To fund high business costs, traditional HVAC companies bloat equipment and labor costs more than 4 times.
Hidden financing, warranty and other costs
Many heating and cooling companies claim to offer free financing and free warranties. In truth, these costs, often equating to $1000 or more, are wrapped into the final cost of your equipment.
A better way to buy heating & cooling.
TruTech Certified™ installer
By offering quotes online and over the phone, Pricefixer removes the need for salespeople. When a Pricefixer installer visits your home, you can rest assured knowing that they are a Safe Shield Protected™, TruTech Certified™ installer.
Quality equipment with very low mark-ups
Working directly with the manufacturers, Pricefixer can offer the absolute lowest prices on equipment, guaranteed.
TruTransparency Pricing™
Pricefixer allows you to choose the warranties and accessories that you need and nothing more. Pay only for what you need and not a penny more for features you don’t.
Pricefixer local installer

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