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About the brands we install.

There are many brands of equipment and some contractors will tell you that one brand is better than the other. The reality is that many of the components used to manufacture the equipment are nearly identical.

There are only seven manufacturers of heating and cooling equipment.

While there are more than 35 brands of HVAC equipment to choose from, there are only seven manufacturers in the world that assemble those systems. Those manufacturers are Daikin North America®, Ingersoll Rand®, Johnson Control®, Lennox International®, Nortek Global HVAC®, Paloma Group® and United Technologies®. Yes, there are some modest feature and design differences from one brand to another, but there are also many common parts and similar specifications.

Your local Pricefixer team will select the best equipment for your home. We know that the quality of the installation is far more important than the brand you install. Every system comes with six piece-of-mind guarantees and optional extended labor warranties. It’s your home, it’s your choice, and more importantly, it’s your budget.

4 questions to ask before you purchase a new heating and cooling system.
Who is installing the equipment?
Who’s installing my equipment?

Professional installation is the most important component of your new system. It will add years of trouble-free service and extend the life of your equipment – regardless of the brand. Every Pricefixer system includes professional installation by a team of professionally trained TruTech Certified™ technicians.

How long is the warranty?
How long is the warranty?

Every manufacturer of equipment will provide you with a manufacturers warranty. Those warranties vary by not only the length of the warranty, but many also include surprising exclusions. Ask questions and read the fine print. At Pricefixer, we not only offer the best equipment at the lowest prices – but the very best warranties, too.

Additional Guarantees
Are there additional guarantees?

Beyond the manufacturers warranty, what else is guaranteed? These are important questions to ask before your purchase a new system, not after. Every Pricefixer system comes with six exceptional guarantees. We stand behind every aspect of your installation and equipment. And, everything is 100% guaranteed.

System Maintenance
Who will maintain my system?

Proper service and maintenance of your new equipment is important to the overall health and efficiency of your new system. It will also add years of trouble-free service. At Pricefixer, we also offer service for every system we install, but that option is entirely up to you. It’s always your choice at Pricefixer. Always.

High quality systems. Even better savings.

Name brand ac systems
Name brand systems
Certified ac installations
TruTech Certified™ installations
10 Year AC System Warranties Included
10-Year parts warranty with optional labor included
Local Service and Support, Nationwide Coverage
Local service and support
No excuses, 100% guarantee
100% No Excuses Guarantee

From professional installation, local service and support to name brand high efficiency equipment, you’ll never compromise with Pricefixer.

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