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Say “No” to real estate closing delays due to heating and cooling problems.

Order a new system today with no delays, fast installation and low prices.

When your closing date hinges on the installation of a new heating or cooling system, you need a resource you can count on.

Pricefixer offers high-quality heating and cooling equipment at the lowest price and guarantees fast, professional installation by TruTech Certified™ technicians. Get the right equipment, 24/7, and never miss another closing date.

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To receive an instant quote 24/7 use the get an instant price tool or call 877-774-2334 to speak to a system specialist.

Lowest Price Guarantee

Your clients will rest easy with our lowest price guarantee, and you’ll rest even easier knowing that you can keep your closing on track.

Installation Workmanship Guarantee™

Perfect installation by TruTech Certified™ technicians ensure you meet your closing deadline.

No Excuses 100% Satisfaction Guarantee™

If you or the homeowner are not completely satisfied with your new heating and cooling equipment, we will make it right.

It only takes 5 minutes to save thousands.

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