5 Reasons Portable Air Conditioners are Gaining Popularity

In a tough economy, many people are opting to purchase a portable air conditioner instead of replacing their central ac systems.

There are many advantages to using a portable system, here are a few:

Easy to Move from Room to Room!
Most portable AC units come on wheels, allowing users to easily move the units from room to room, or even into the garage! If you have a unit without wheels, adding casters or setting the unit on a large indoor potted plant roller kit is a simple solution.

A 1-ton portable air conditioner is very affordable. They are available for as low as $50 online. If you purchase 2 or 3, you could easily defer the need to repair or replace your central AC unit, saving you potentially thousands of dollars in parts and labor.

Cools a Large Area
Portable AC units in the +12,000 btu range can cool more than 1 ton of air, in a unit the size of a small trash can! The average 1,600 square foot home in the US could easily get by with 2 of these units to cool the entire house!

Easy to Install
It’s nearly impossible for a typical homeowner to install their own central AC unit, but that is not the case with a portable unit. With a portable AC unit, simply open the box and plug it in! Don’t forget to recycle the cardboard while enjoying your cool home!

Widely Available
These units are widely available online and in home improvement stores. You shouldn’t have any trouble going to your local home improvement store and finding several options to choose from.