6 Ways to Get the AC Repairman to You FAST!

Purchase a Service Contract
Most HVAC companies offer priority service for service contract customers. It’s usually about $129 per year and includes routine maintenance for the unit, which will hopefully prevent you from needing to have a service call in the first place!

Mention that Your Elderly Mother is Struggling with the Heat
It may be an exaggeration, but it works almost every time!

Tell the Dispatcher You Work for Local Media
With social media, everyone’s a reporter, right?

Mention that You Own Other Properties in Town
Leading them to believe that you have other properties to service will certainly prioritize your house!

Ask if You Can Pay More to be Moved to the First Available Call Slot
Ask the dispatcher if they will take a priority fee to be moved to the top of the list, this will get a technician to your home fast!

Do a Bit of Research BEFORE You Call, and Say You are an Acquaintance of the Owner
A little white lie can have a big payoff! Check out the company’s website and find out the name of the owner. Mention that you know the owner when you schedule your service call.