Aire Flo CG92 Model CG92TB045D12B Gas Furnace Review

Aire-Flo is a budget line of HVAC equipment produced by Lennox. The Aire Flo CG92 gas furnace is an affordable gas furnace that offers good quality and reliable service. This is a good option if you’re looking for a furnace with long, 15-plus year longevity and basic features. It is popular with homeowners and property owners who want an affordable unit with decent performance. Even though the furnace has a single-stage burner, it does have a variable-speed blower to prevent full-speed blasts of cool air at the start a cycle. The 92.1 percent efficiency is Energy Star qualified and will help reduce energy costs in any climate. Use this review to learn more about the Aire Flo CG92 Model CG92TB045D12B and compare it to others on the market. We have included information about features, pricing, and the warranty.

Here are a few of the key features:

  • The unit has 92.1 percent AFUE and is Energy Star rated.
  • It uses single-stage heating with a variable-speed blower.
  • There is as aluminized steel heat exchanger for greater durability.
  • The HSI igniter is dependable and very durable.
  • There are models available in upflow/horizontal and counterflow configurations.
  • It ranges in size from 67,000 to 125,000 Btu.

Pricing: It will be difficult to find another furnace that is this efficient at this price point. It is a great value and a popular choice for those who want an inexpensive, reliable furnace. It often used for primary residences, second homes and cottages, garages and other “part-time” applications.

  • 45,000 Btu Aire Flo CG92 Gas Furnace: $839
  • 67,000 Btu Aire Flo CG92 Gas Furnace: $889
  • 125,000 Btu Aire Flo CG92 Gas Furnace: $1,139

Warranty: This unit includes a lifetime limited coverage warranty for the heat exchanger and a 5-year parts warranty. This is below the industry average but fortunately this furnace has a good service record and should last up to 15 years, possibly more with good maintenance.

Quality Installation will Maximize Longevity: We recommend having this unit installed by a qualified professional. Expert installation will ensure that your unit operates as it should. The technician will have the know-how not only to install the unit, but to adjust the system to achieve the highest efficiency, based on the needs of your home.