Amana ACVC9 — 93% AFUE Gas Furnace Review

The Amana ACVC9 is a two-stage, variable speed furnace that offers optimal efficiency. This review will provide information about features, pricing, warranty, and installation to help you determine if this is the right furnace for your home.

Features: Amana is an industry favorite. Their furnaces offer many features, including:

  • Amana’s patented stainless steel Dual-Diameter Tubular Heat Exchanger
  • Quiet variable-speed circulator motor for improved efficiency
  • ComfortNet communication system
  • Reliable SureStart silicon nitride igniter
  • Electronic control board with self-diagnostics for improved troubleshooting
  • Auto-comfort mode to regulate humidity levels
  • Factory tested to ensure proper function

Pricing: Prices range from $2,079 on eBay for the 115,000 BTUH model to $1,769 from an online merchant for the 70,000 BTUH model. These prices are for the equipment only and do not include installation, tax, or shipping.

Warranty: Amana offers a 10-year limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger and a 1-year limited warranty on parts. Please beware that Amana does not offer warranties on products purchased over the internet, unless the seller is also installing the equipment. Purchase your equipment from a qualified Amana dealer to take full advantage of their industry-leading warranty.

Getting the Best Installation for your Amana Furnace: We recommend having this unit installed by a qualified professional. Expert installation will ensure that your unit operates as it should. The technician will have the know-how to properly install the unit and to adjust the system to achieve the highest efficiency, based on the needs of your home.

Here’s how to find a great local qualified contractor:

  • Get written quotes from at least three companies or contractors
  • Require that the installation work is done to the manufacturers specifications
  • Ask that your home be sized using Manual J and Manual D guidelines
  • Ask for references and check BBB ratings
  • Find out if they have a labor warranty and what it is
  • Ensure that the company is licensed, bonded, insured, and certified

Amana has a great reputation for producing high-quality furnaces that are a favorite of many HVAC technicians. Consult with an HVAC technician you trust before deciding if the ACVC9 is right for you.