Amana AMH8 TwinComfort, Multi-Speed Gas Furnace Review

Amana is widely regarded as one of the top producers of HVAC equipment. This manufacturer has a great lineup of furnaces and an unbeatable warranty, making Amana a great value. Here’s more information about the AMH8 gas furnace including features, pricing, warranty, and installation.


  • 80 percent AFUE rating
  • TwinComfort is Amana’s multi-stage technology that allows the unit to run on lower power most of the time
  • Amana’s patented Million Air™ stainless steel dual-diameter tubular heat exchanger
  • Quiet four-speed circulator motor to save on energy bills
  • SureStart™ silicon nitride Igniter for reliable heat
  • Electronic control board with self-diagnostics for simple troubleshooting
  • Factory tested before shipment

Pricing for Amana units can difficult to find because Amana equipment is only available through local dealers. Amana’s 80 percent efficient furnaces are about $400 to $600 less than a comparable high efficiency furnace. Check out our reviews to learn more about the differences between high and standard efficiency units. Amana offers a 10-year limited warranty on parts and a lifetime unit replacement for the original purchaser if the exchanger fails. This is arguably one of the best warranties in the industry. Amanda requires that you register your warranty within 60 days. Please also note that Amana does not honor the warranty on any equipment purchased online or by phone unless the vender is also installing the unit.

We recommend using a qualified HVAC contractor to install this or any other heat or AC unit. Find a reputable company that will stand by their products and labor. The way the unit is installed is almost as important that the equipment itself, a poor install job means poor performance! A properly installed furnace will operate at a higher efficiency and save you money on utility fees.