Amana Distinctions Packaged Air Conditioners 14 SEER GPC14H Review

The Amana Distinctions GPC14H is a quality AC with a good customer reputation. It is an ideal air conditioner for a home in a warm climate, in a home without a basement, or in a home where another source of heat is also installed. It’s lower efficiency with a 14 SEER, but that is average for a packaged unit. This model does not include a furnace but can provide heat with strips from 5kW to 20kW in the air handler. If you need a gas furnace, consider Amana’s gas packaged units.This review will include information about features, pricing, warranty, and installation.


  • 14 SEER cooling is not Energy Star rated
  • Single-stage compressor provides basic cooling
  • EEM high-efficiency blower reduces electrical use
  • Copper tube and aluminum-fin coil combine for faster heat dissipation
  • Electric heat kits from 5kw to 20 kw can be added
  • Heavy-duty galvanized cabinet offers good protection for internal components
  • Horizontal discharge is effective for ground installation
  • Sizes from 24,600 BTU to 57,500 BTU

Pricing: Overall, this is an affordable unit that would work well in a warm climate. Amana makes a similar unit that is slightly more efficient with a 15 SEER, which would be even better for very warm areas. Here is the current pricing for these units:

  • 2-ton Amana Distinctions GPC14H packaged air conditioner: $1,759
  • 3-ton Amana Distinctions GPC14H packaged air conditioner: $1,889
  • 4-ton Amana Distinctions GPC14H packaged air conditioner: $2,059
  • 5-ton Amana Distinctions GPC14H packaged air conditioner: $2,399

Warranty: Amana is well-known for its competitive warranties. This model is covered by a 10-year comprehensive warranty. The unit, when properly maintained, should give you 15 to 20 years of reliable service with minimal repairs.

Professional Installation for Better Results: We recommend choosing an experienced, quality HVAC technician to install your unit. The unit will only work as well as it is installed, and a poor installation will mean higher energy bills for you and a shorter life for your unit. A good HVAC technician will have the know-how to install the unit and ability to calibrate it to your home’s specific needs so you’re getting the most for your money. If installed correctly, this model will keep your utility bills down with reliable service for 20 years or more.