Amana Gas Furnace Review

The Amana AMVM96 is a modulating, 96 percent AFUE furnace with superior climate control. This is an ideal choice where winters are very cold. Consumers interested in energy efficiency like this furnace because it reduces energy usewhen replacing an older furnace. The modulating gas valve runs capacity of 40 to 100 percent, creating just the right amount of heat to keep temperatures perfectly balanced, while still being quiet. Amana provides quality products at affordable prices. Here is more information about the features, pricing, warranty, and installation.


  • 96 percent AFUE heating is Energy Star rated
  • Modulating heat offers precise climate control
  • Variable-speed blower enhances indoor comfort
  • Million-Aire stainless steel heat exchanger is rated for 1 million heat cycles
  • Secondary heat exchanger reduces loss of heat
  • Compatible with ComfortNet communications that monitors and coordinates system components
  • Auto-Comfort fan mode removes more humidity when central AC is running


  • 60,000 BTU AMVM96 gas furnace: $2,339
  • 80,000 BTU AMVM96 gas furnace: $2,599
  • 100,000 BTU AMVM96 gas furnace: $2,739
  • 115,000 BTU AMVM96 gas furnace: $2,949


We recommend choosing an experienced, quality HVAC technician to install your unit. The unit will only work as well as it is installed, and a poor installation will mean higher energy bills for you and a shorter life for your unit. A good HVAC technician will have the know-how to install the unit and ability to calibrate it to your home’s specific needs so you’re getting the most for your money.