Aura Solar Attic Fan 8” Collar 3 Watt ASF-4-C8 Review

There are many solar attic fans available to meet the needs of almost every home. The Aura Solar ASF-4-C8 is one of the smallest fans on the market and can vent 52 square feet. This isn’t the best choice for a moderate to large home. This may be a great choice for a garage, workshop, shed, or small barn. It can move 21 CFM in solar mode and up to 62 CFM in winds from 10 to 12 mph. This model is not widely available but can be purchased from the manufacturer and a limited number of dealers.

Features of the Aura Solar Attic Fan:

  • 3-watt, 12V operation
  • 52 CFM per fan
  • Can move up to 62 CFM in 12 mph winds
  • Fan speed: 4,550 rpm
  • Requires about 1 square foot of passive venting
  • All-aluminum construction
  • Compact, quiet design
  • Saves energy to operate after sundown or on cloudy days
  • Lightweight design requires no curb, but it is an option
  • Louver design allows maximum air flow while keeping pests out
  • Works with most types of roofing material, including metal
  • Optional thermostat available
  • Standard milled finish; 20 color options are available for extra charge
  • Made in the USA

Aura Solar Attic Fan 3 Watt ASF-4-C8 Prices:

  • Aura ASF-4-C8 fan: $107
  • Paint (20 color options): $9
  • Thermostat with switch: $50
  • Extra 3w panel: $36
  • Curb mount flange: $20

Warranty Information: Aura includes a 1-year warranty on this solar attic fan. Most fans like this come with a minimum 5-year warranty, however many solar attic fans are backed by warranties ranging from 15 years to lifetime. This warranty is well-below the industry standard.

Professional Installation for Superior Performance: We recommend hiring a qualified professional to install this fan. The installation is relatively simple, but working with passive ventilation can be difficult. Passive ventilation is the key to getting proper air flow. Fresh air from a ridge vent a few feet away won’t provide enough air flow for this vent to work properly. A qualified contractor with good ventilation experience will know where to place this fan to optimize its performance. Don’t forget that several fans will be needed to vent even a small attic. Having a professional place them properly will give you the peace of mind that the units works and works well.