The Best Monthly Maintenance Tips During the Summer for Florida residents in Bradenton

With an average temperature of 95 degrees mid-Summer, residents of Bradenton are often on the hunt for an AC replacement at the peak of the Season. Help us help you to dramatically reduce the inefficient and costly replacement by following simple monthly tips. You will extend the life of your air conditioner immensely, cut ongoing maintenance costs of hiring outside technicians, and enjoy the health benefits of having a more eco-friendly air conditioner continuously providing your home with excellent air quality.

Whenever working with your air conditioner, please remember to always start by shutting down the power sources to your AC. Nothing says DANGER more loudly than an electric shockwave running through your body. Better safe than sorry, right?

First, check your filter and change it often. This cannot be emphasized enough. When your air conditioner is running 24/7 as with most residents in Bradenton, it is constantly filtering debris, dander, pollutants, and more. Over time, the air filter will become clogged, putting more stress on your system and increasing opportunity for malfunction in other compartments that pick up the slack-like the motor. When a motor goes out on an air conditioner, it’s time for a replacement. And while purchasing an air conditioner at wholesale prices does get you more bang for your buck, why not let that buck really live its full life? A good tip for how often to check your filter is how many people or pets are under your roof. A standard household of four with one furry pet should be changing their filter every 3-5 weeks.

Next, do some light cleaning and basic screening for larger issues. Again, with the power off, remove the top grate and with a rag, wipes or handheld vacuum cleaner eliminate residual debris. As you do this, wipe down the blades of the fan and notice how much collected dander you’re picking up. Adjust your regular maintenance as needed. Again, the more people and pets contributing to the air conditioner’s filtration system, the more upkeep it deserves.

As you peak inside the main compartment of your AC, look for any leaks and green growth (or any weird growths for that matter). If you observe your refrigerant leaking, do not attempt to patch it on your own before going back to your air conditioner running as usual. Refrigerant fluid is toxic and not meant to reside in the air, especially in closed conditions like your home. Any leaking in this regard must be responded to by a qualified technician to ensure the safety of you, your family and critters. Less dramatic, if you see algae, or as we call it ‘green growth’ in the draining tube, you can easily clean it with a light bleach solution of 1:16, bleach: water, and pipe cleaner. If you find it’s just too green to clean, swing by your local hardware store to pick up a replacement. They are cheap and go a long way in keeping your air conditioner performing well.

Follow these three key tips and your wholesale air conditioner will deliver top quality, energy efficient and long lasting service. Keeping you and yours chilled out all Summer long!