The Best Monthly Maintenance Tips During the Summer for Illinois residents in Peoria

Even though the summers in Peoria are quite cold and snowy, the summers in this city in Illinois are very hot and humid. There are days when the temperature in July can reach 110 degrees! Of course, the residents of Peoria know this and that’s why most households in this growing city have an air conditioner. In this article, we would like to share a few monthly AC maintenance tips during the summer period recommended by Peoria residents.

Check the drains

Every air conditioner, regardless of its type, comes with drain channels. If you want to keep your AC unit well-maintained you should pass a wire through these channels every now and then. This is especially important during summer when the AC is used the most. If the drain channels are clogged, the air conditioner won’t be able to stabilize humidity and as a result of that, you can experience many different issues. Improper humidity levels can affect your health and your home too.

Changing the filters

Another vital part of proper AC maintenance is the inspection and replacement of AC filters. You can also clean the filters if possible. In this way, you can enhance the efficiency and optimize the work of your AC unit. Dirty and clogged AC filters disrupt proper airflow in your home and lower the efficiency of your system. As we said before, people usually use their air conditioners more frequently during summer and that’s why you should change or at least check these filters every 3-4 weeks. Keep in mind that there are reusable filters, but some of them must be replaced with new ones.

Taking care of the coil fins

Both the condenser and the evaporator coils have aluminum fins that can be bent easily. If something like this happens, the air circulation through the coils will be blocked. If you want to avoid replacement of these AC parts, you can give the fin comb a try. These tools are specially designed for putting the coil fins into place and back into proper condition.

Check the coils

While we are talking about coils, we should also point out the importance of maintaining these parts of the air conditioner. AC replacement might seem like a good idea, but if you want to be sure that this is an investment that will pay off, you must use your old AC to the maximum. Condenser and evaporator coils tend to accumulate dirt after a length of time. Obviously, this accumulation is bad for the AC unit and for your health. Try to prevent dirt and debris from getting into the outdoor unit by cleaning the area around it.

Use professional help

If you are worried about AC maintenance, then hiring a professional can give you peace of mind. These professionals will inspect, replace and repair everything related to your AC. Many of them will also provide interesting wholesale air conditioner offers in case you need a new AC unit.

Follow these tips from Illinois residents in Peoria to keep your AC in a perfect shape this summer.