The Best Monthly Maintenance Tips During the Summer for Richardson Residents in Texas

Summers get extremely hot in the Richardson, TX and you have to depend on your air conditioner to maintain the right temperature at your place. On a really humid day of the season, the last thing you wish is to flip the switch on your A.C only to find that it is not working. Though air conditioners need maintenance and repairs occasionally, these effective AC maintenance tips will keep your unit running in good condition all summer long.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips for Summers

• Annual Service: Before the summer heat hits and you turn on your air conditioner, the most significant tip is to schedule its annual service. Professional annual service enables your unit to operate at its peak efficiency. During the service, an experienced technician will perform the essential tasks to keep your A.C running efficiently and smoothly. Service tasks generally involve identifying and fixing leaks, restoring the refrigerant levels and making changes for any mechanical issues.

• Monthly Changing of Filter: Even though the standard is to change the air filters every 3 months, it’s better to change the air filter once a month when the air conditioner is in constant use. A dirty air filter makes it difficult for your unit to run properly, while allowing the particles to evade the filter and accumulate on the unit’s components.

• Maintain Cleanliness Around the Condenser: Plants and shrubbery can limit the airflow required for the proper working of your air conditioner. Make sure they are at least 3-4 ft. from the air conditioner unit. Moreover, weekly inspection of the condenser is important weekly for prompt removal of any debris.

• Set a Reasonable Temperature: Setting the thermostat too low leads to much harder work for the unit. Ease the load by setting a reasonable temperature – you can use a smart thermostat to increase the temperature automatically while you’re away from the home. This will save you money while reducing the wear and tear of the unit.

• Call a Professional if there’s a Problem: If you find an issue with your wholesale air conditioner, hire the services of an experienced local technician in Richardson, TX. Deferring the situation may cause substantial damage to the compressor of your unit.

During the warmer days, you’re A.C is working harder than ever, making it important to perform the air conditioner maintenance. Whether you need an AC replacement or repair, hire the service of a certified technician to have your unit up and running in real time.