The Best Way Concord Residents in NC Control Humidity in Their Homes

The air quality for residents of Concord NC is affected a great deal by humidity. The residents also find that there are many variations throughout the seasons. Concord is in the heart of Cabarrus County and was home to both Scottish and German settlers. Optimal humidity is 45%, but in August it rises to above 50% in North Carolina and this is when problems with their air conditioner begin. Items in the home can be damaged by humidity issue. Their health can also become effected. Mites and dust can lead to allergies and breathing difficulties.

The City of Concord has a number of parks, and there is the chance to go fishing and boating so it can appear that the outdoors is healthier than indoors if the humidity is not dealt with. In the home, the main issue with humidity is it will cause damp walls and floors. Wood can also become rotten and residents run the risk of having cockroaches from that over time. I know many of these issues are problems that will want to be avoided.

Dealing with High Humidity

Moisture control is the way to go and while opening windows and using fans will help, air conditioning is going to be a much better option. There will be times when it seems that even with the use of an air conditioner isn’t needed but it will help in controlling the humidity. Hopefully when they go to turn it on there will not be any issues and an AC replacement isn’t needed.  If so it will be possible to find a system that is ideal for any type home, and it won’t be long before the humidity is no longer a problem.

Low Humidity

Humidity below 15% is also a problem and tends to occur through fall and winter. It can be very disconcerting to be getting mild shocks when switching on the light or touching a door knob.  The health issues with low humidity consist of skin irritations and breathing problems. The damage around the home will consist of warped wood and the need to block the holes or face heavy heating bills. As the temperature in Concord can dip below freezing in winter this needs to be prevented whenever possible.

The Solution

In winter the opening window solution is not an option so air conditioning is the only available option. Containers of water may help a little, but you need to remember to top them up regularly. A wholesale air conditioner supplier will have the available equipment needed to make sure the house is at the perfect temperature to prevent humidity causing its destruction.