The Best Way Melbourne Residents in Florida Control Humidity in Their Homes

Hot and sticky

With the upcoming Summer months in Melbourne, Florida come rising temperatures along with a hot and heavy blanket of humidity. Melbourne, the central eastern harbor city of Brevard County, has hot and sticky weather for most of the Summer. Unless you enjoy living in a sauna, it’s important to know the best ways to keep your house cool and dry for the summer.

Pay attention to your showers

Enjoying a steamy shower feels nice and all, but if you’re looking to lower your home’s humidity, you might want to crank down the heat. Taking long, hot showers is a surefire way to increase the humidity of, first your bathroom, and then the rest of your home. Here are some ways to reduce an excessively steamy bathroom:

  • Take cooler showers that don’t produce so much steam
  • Turn on the exhaust fan in your bathroom to suck in some of the excess moisture
  • If you have a bathroom window, crack it open improve airflow and release steam
  • Have your AC serviced or cleaned

A properly functioning air conditioner doubles as an excellent dehumidifier. If your air conditioner has any leaks or any other issues with air flow, it will diminish its ability to remove moisture from the air in your house. When you have your air conditioner serviced, make sure to have them check for any leaks or obstructions that prevent optimal airflow. Don’t have an air conditioner or need an AC replacement? Visit a wholesale air conditioner dealer or a big box hardware store for good deals on a new or replacement unit.

Keep your windows shut and sealed

Even without an air conditioner, it would be wise to keep your windows shut on a hot and humid day. The reason for this is that the outside air creeps in and mixes with your relatively drier air. Once this happens, it’s difficult to get the humidity out unless you have a dehumidifier or enough patience for it to clear out on its own. If you notice air entering even with your windows shut, take the proper steps to seal the drafts in your home.

Improve air circulation

If you’re in a room that doesn’t get a lot of attention, it may become filled with stale, humid air. Running a ceiling fan, or standup fan while keeping the room’s door open is a simple way to improve airflow and return the room to less wet, and returning it to a climate similar to the rest of your home.