The Best Way Sarasota Residents in Florida Control Humidity in Their Homes

Halt humidity

You can’t control the humidity along Legacy Trail or South Lido Park, but you CAN control it in your home. By following these tips you’ll avoid having to deal with the warm and sticky environment that humidity brings us in Sarasota.

Keep your windows tight

Keeping your windows shut tight is one of the most effective methods for keeping the muggy outside air out of your home. Feel along the window sills for any air leaks and seal where needed. It only takes one small leak to disrupt the quality of the air in your home, so be sure to check all your windows to prevent humidity from entering your home.

Check for leaks

After checking your windows, it’s a good idea to check other points of access into your home including any drafts. This may require caulking or sealing foam if the leaks are bad. Having a house that constantly leaks puts unnecessary strain on your air conditioner. When freshly cooled air is being exchanged with humid air, the air conditioner will cycle on and off more often to keep the desired temperature.

Run the air conditioner

Now that your leaks are taken care of, it’s a clever idea to run your air conditioner throughout the day as needed. Not only do air conditioners keep your air cool, they double as a humidifier. Don’t forget to check your filters before you run the air conditioner. This precaution ensures that there’s optimal airflow before running your system, and prolongs the life of your air conditioner. Have an old AC or no AC at all? Consider visiting a wholesale air conditioner shop if you need an AC replacement or a new air conditioner. Try to opt for an Energy Star unit for improved energy efficiency.

Improve ventilation

In between air conditioner cycles you may notice that the air in some rooms start to become warm and muggy. In this case, it’s a good idea to run the ceiling fan or upright fan to circulate the air around. This will improve overall air circulation and disperse the humidity so it’s not affecting one area so much. You should notice a considerable improvement in between air conditioner cycles.

Cover your plants

Do you have plants that you water indoors? Guess what happens when some of that water evaporates to? You got it, increased humidity throughout your home. Consider either removing your watered plants outdoors, or covering the soil portion of the plant to reduce the amount that evaporates into your airspace.