Blower Wheel | Squirrel Cage Blower Wheel

Blower wheels circulate air through your HVAC duct system. They are a major part of the air handler or furnace. Most often, these wheels are direct drive, where the blower fan motor is connected to the wheel by a small shaft.

Blower systems in an HVAC consist of three parts:

Motors– The motor powers the wheel

Wheels – The fan that rotates and is sometimes referred to as the “squirrel cage”

Housing – The frame that surrounds the blower motor and wheels

A DIY-savvy homeowner should be able to replace their blower wheel. If your blower motor is out, be sure to check and see if the wheel needs repair, too. Typically, the motor and wheel will be fused together and it’s just as easy to replace both at the same time. You may separate them if you prefer.