Bradenton Residents in Florida share What to Do When Your AC Goes Out

What’s more scary to residents in Bradenton than hurricanes, snakes or alligators? Their AC going out. No joke, having your air conditioner die on you, especially in the peak of Summer is miserable! Humidity jubilantly dances in and with it a heatwave to swallow your soul. So what can you do when and if you are so unlucky? We’ve got your hot, I mean cool, tips here!

Let’s assume that your air conditioner went out for mechanical reasons. In this case, our deepest apologies but at least there are AC technicians working 24 hours a day in Bradenton. You leave those frozen sheets for another day! If your technician gives you the news that your AC is toast and you’re on the market for an AC replacement, residents in Bradenton in your exact position have praised the quality and exceptional prices of going with a wholesale air conditioner. They’re cheaper and tend to be more energy efficient to boot.

But in the more likely event here in Bradenton, your AC went out because of a power outage. In this case, we are just so, so, so sorry. The human experience sure can be a cruel one. If this sounds like your situation, stay focused and do exactly as we say:

If it goes out in the daytime, close all curtains, drapes and blinds to keep in whatever cool temperatures you’ve got. No matter the time of day, in the event of a power outage dust off your age old, battery powered vintage fans and point them outwards perched in as many windows as you have fans. Speaking of vintage, you know how refrigerators used to literally house a solid block of ice? Mimic this cute trick by filling as many metal bowls or trays as you have with ice and place them in strategic, low and cool places.

When without AC, Bradenton locals get creative. Some people say that they use the opportunity to learn about natural cooling sites on their body. Pro-tip: take a cold rag or an ice cube and place it on the crease of your arm, across your forearm, behind your neck and knees and around your ankles. These are the top secret spots that are constantly regulating your whole body’s temperature. Additionally, residents have attested to the old trick of keeping spare sheets in the freezer for times like these. Just be sure that before you put any frozen spreads on your bed that your mattress is protected from the moisture. Nobody in Bradenton needs more humidity to worry about in their homes.

And when all else fails? Go out! For a swim, to see the Bradenton Players, to a local gallery or movie. Going anywhere with guaranteed thermal comfort is sometimes the best bet.