Cleaning tips from Bradenton residents in Florida for your AC unit.

Fun fact about Bradenton, Florida: It has successfully topped that chart as one of the worst places to live with allergies. Pretty fun, right? We don’t think so either. That’s why we’ve compiled this easy to follow guide of cleaning tips from local residents who know all too well what an inefficient air conditioner can mean. Come allergies, your monthly, bill or regular maintenance-investing in your wholesale air conditioner through regular and simple upkeep will go far. And when you’re ready for your next AC replacement, you will be a systematic expert.

First rule? Safety first. It just never gets old, from preschool to full blown adulthood, safety truly is the best. In the case of cleaning your air conditioner, please remember to always ensure that your unit and all power sources directed to it are absolutely OFF.

Check your air filter. Throughout this list, Bradenton residents have recommended that given the diversity of AC systems here, it’s essential to keep your owner’s manual on hand for any referencing or locating of needs. The air filter is a simple, removable sheet inside of the unit. This should be checked-and changed-regularly as it has the power to dramatically reduce or strengthen the air quality in your home, not to mention the overall efficiency of your air conditioner. Swing by your local hardware store and pick them up in bulk so you always have some on hand.

Lubricate the motor. Note that not all air conditioners need to be oiled. This is an important step to confirm with in your trusted manual for. And while you have it open, check what oil the lubricants need. Not all air conditioners take the same oil and much like putting the wrong gas in your car, the incorrect oil in your AC could prove detrimental, landing you with a premature AC replacement.

Look out for green or otherwise abnormal growth. The thing about living 1. In Florida and 2. In Bradenton on the water is you are up against a lot of humidity. Your air conditioner is not immune to these far reaching effects, which are often seen in the plastic condensation tube. If you find some funky stuff in there, make a bleach: water solution of 1:16 and, with a pipe cleaner or other small brush, clean out the removed tube. You’ll be the judge if the condensation tube has met its final day and is too overgrown for cleaning. The good news is they are cheap, easy to replace and support the integrity of your air conditioner immensely.

Now it’s time to move to the outdoor compartment of your air conditioner. And remember-dislocate all power sources before you get to work!

Clean out the condenser. This compartment of your air conditioner is the first guy to go to battle with the elements and all of those outdoor debris. Plants, leaves, fur-you name it, it catches it. Grab yourself a clean rag and handheld vacuum to clear it all out. Residents in Bradenton say to trim back plants and keep bushes, trees or flowers at least 2 feet away from the compartment to both simplify the task and keep your air conditioner running longer.

Oil lubrication points. Again, just like the indoor component, refer to you owner’s manual for oil type and where/what exactly on your wholesale air conditioner needs lubricating. Rinse out the compartment. Using a small hose with mild to moderate water pressure, rinse out the entire compartment, letting water drip freely out. Pay special attention to clearing the fins and fan before allowing your unit to dry before screwing the grill back on. And for the final step-set your thermostat to cool, re-enable power sources to the air conditioner and enjoy the benefits of a well cleaned AC.