Cleaning Tips from Gainesville, FL Residents in 30501 for Your AC Unit!

Hey, summer is on its way!

It’s time to prep yourself for the cleaning job. Confused about which cleaning job are we talking about?

Well, undoubtedly, it’s the cleaning of cupboards, floors, and furnishings but you cannot forget the cleaning and maintenance of your air conditioner. After all, it’s the hot summer days that urge the residents to clean their AC for a better air quality in the home, along with better energy efficiency and lower running costs.

Especially when talking about cities in U.S. like Gainesville, Florida. House owners need to think twice before switching on their appliances. Being stated as a city with huge temperature fluctuations that experience high humidity and heat during the summer, it becomes harder for the AC units to give off the right amount of cool air.

If you want to ensure a pleasant summer season, it becomes vital to troubleshoot and inspect your system beforehand. Here is a general piece of advice regarding the cleaning of AC unit shared by the residents of Gainesville, FL that would help you in keeping your appliance in tip top condition during the summer days.

Step 1: Lift the Lid of the Unit and Check the Instructions

Filters inside air conditioners catch dust and microbes. The accumulation of dust and dirt clogs the filter, thus making it important to clean it regularly. Therefore, the foremost step owners need to do is lift the lid of the unit, and read the instructions on how to access and clean the air filters.

Step 2: Indoor Unit Air Filters

Next, the air filters are removed by simply opening the plastic cover and removing the filter. This needs to be done every week because the later the cleaning is done, the more the filters will get clogged, thus making it harder for the air conditioner to work. Consequently, putting an impact on the energy costs.

Usually, every appliance comprises of one or two main filters and an air purification filter that can be cleaned by the homeowners themselves. After taking the filters out, it needs to be brushed or vacuumed for a thorough cleaning.

In case the filters are very dirty and grimy, it can be washed as well. However, there are no special instructions for the washing process. All that is required is to mix some detergent with the warm water and rinse it. Once the cleaning is done, it should be kept for drying and placed back in the unit.

This is how the things go!

But in case you are still finding some problem with your AC, you need to either go for the advanced cleaning process or for AC replacement.

Yes, you got it right! Here comes the need to call a professional for help!

Step 3: Advanced Cleaning Process

Calling a professional for a proper cleaning of the unit is an ideal the way to handle this situation. It provides an assurance that the job will be done correctly and there will be no accidental damage to the components. Furthermore, it deters the release of refrigerant gas that can be caused by an owner when doing the job themselves.

Essential Piece of Advice!

Air conditioning system needs proper service after every few years. The need to fill the refrigerant gas, test the thermostat, and make sure all the interior parts are working well. It is very important to call a professional or your wholesale air conditioner professional from whom you have bought the appliance.

Adhere to this advice and upkeep your AC unit in order to avoid HVAC system woes!