Cleaning tips from Lakeland residents in South Carolina for your AC unit.

If you’ve neglected your air conditioner as part of the spring cleaning, then the chances are it is going to be dirty inside and out. If it’s dirty and clogged up, then it’s almost certainly not going to be working correctly. Your first reaction might be to assume that it’s time to get down to your nearest wholesale air conditioner store and get an AC replacement. However, before you decide to shell out all your hard-earned money on a new unit, you should first give it a thorough cleaning. This is particularly important in an area like Lakeland, where, despite the name, dust and sand build up is very normal. But how? I hear you asking. Good question. So, we thought we would give you our top cleaning tips for keeping your unit in peak condition.

1) Clean the indoor unit

Once you’ve turned the power off, remove the furnace filter then clean any dirt build up. Once you’ve done that, open up the blower compartment and vacuum up the dust. Then, clean the drain tube. A simple bleach/water solution (1:16) should be sufficient to flush out the line. It is also worth cleaning the drain port. This is probably the easiest part, simply place a pipe cleaner inside and pull out any clingy and loose dirt.

2) Clean around the air conditioner

If you could clean the indoor unit, then this next step is you should feel a breeze. A buildup of leaves and dirt isn’t uncommon, causing blockages around the outdoor sections of the air conditioner. Clean out any debris and prune back any foliage that’s blocking the vents, this should help keep the outdoor sections clean and tidy.

3) Clean the condenser

First make sure the power is turned off, then vacuum away any debris from the exterior fins. Use a soft brush attachment or you could end up doing some damage to the fins. Once you’ve done that, unscrew the fan and pull out any leaves. Top tip: wipe the interior surface with a damp cloth and spray the fins from the inside out. This should get rid of any clingy debris.

Cleaning your air conditioner unit, isn’t too complicated, and could save you a lot as far as AC replacement goes. However, if you feel uncertain, always contact a professional.