Cleaning tips from Manasquan residents in New Jersey for your AC unit

Air conditioners are the most convenient way of monitoring and maintaining air temperature in the home and many residents of Manasquan, New Jersey, know this. The Atlantic Ocean might bring some refreshment in the summer period, but most people agree that having an air conditioner is a must. But, what most AC users in Manasquan know is that only by taking good care of their devices they can expect optimal performance. That’s why they have some cleaning tips for the rest of you.

Ensure that the air conditioner is not working

This is the first advice which should be taken very seriously. If the air conditioner is still running you might damage the unit while cleaning, but what’s even more serious is that you can hurt yourself. So, turn it off at the circuit breaker panel before doing anything related to cleaning.

Cleaning the air filters

The part of the unit that is found inside your home relies on air filters. These filters must be cleaned on a regular basis. In most cases, all you need to do is to remove the plastic cover and remove the air filter (or filters). If the filter is blocked by impurities, your air conditioner will have a hard time providing clean air and regulating temperature. The frequency of cleaning is different for different models, but if you use it frequently do this at least once a month. Just take the filters out of the internal unit and shake them and brush them if necessary. It is a good idea to vacuum these filters too (check the manual). Some people also wash the filters but keep in mind that if you do this, you must wait until they are completely dry before placing them back.

Cleaning the blades

The indoor unit also has adjustable blades that manage the air flow. Take some time to clean the blades and the area behind them located inside the AC unit. Use a vacuum cleaner or a dry cloth.

Cleaning the outdoor unit

Now here’s a component that many AC users ignore. The truth is that the outdoor AC unit needs cleaning too. Remove the plants and grass around it and use a brush or cloth to remove leaves, dust, and cobwebs on a regular basis. Don’t hesitate to use the vacuum cleaner too.

Additional cleaning tips

The fact is that you can perform deep cleaning too. For example, by removing the housing you will get access to the condenser coils where dirt is accumulated over time. You can also clean the tanks. However, it is good to point out that these activities must be conducted carefully and it might be a better idea to hire a professional service provider to do this for you. Dozens of residents of Manasquan are already using services like this in order to clean their air conditioners.

By cleaning your air conditioner you will be able to avoid AC replacement. If the cause for your AC unit’s inefficiency is not related to the cleanliness, then you should opt for a new wholesale air conditioner.