How to Combat Seasonal Allergies in Melbourne, Florida

Sniffles, sneezes, and itchy eyes

How many sneezes must be sneezed until you find relief? If you’re from Melbourne, Florida, then you know that allergy season is upon us. The Spring and Summer months have plenty of allergens to go around for all. That doesn’t mean you must suffer the symptoms all season long. Below you’ll find some helpful ways to combat seasonal allergies—whether you’re out at Paradise Beach, King Center, or relaxing at home.

Think twice before taking allergy medicine

Are you one of the unfortunate people that suffers seasonal allergies—even while indoors? Don’t worry, there are still useful methods for relief, and not all of these solutions require the use of medications. Try these tips to lower your exposure to allergens.

Keep those windows closed

Waking up with allergies is no fun. It’s just not a great way to start the day. If you left your windows open while falling asleep the night before, you might want to think about your habits to avoid allergies. Pollen levels tend to be highest in the morning, so it makes sense to avoid exposure especially early. Having open windows early morning is an invitation for allergens that are the likely culprits for your symptoms. Following this simple solution drastically lowers the chance of allergens reaching your respiratory system. Keep those windows closed in the morning.

Still sneezing? Check your AC

If your allergy symptoms persist after keeping your windows closed, fear not, there are other factors that could be causing the sneezing. Having a dirty air conditioner may be the reason why. Be sure that the air ducts are clean, and that the air conditioner filters are clean. Replace the filters as needed. Having a quality filter will prevent most of the allergens from entering your airspace. If you don’t have an air conditioner or yours is outdated, you may want to invest in an AC replacement. A wholesale air conditioner shop or big box hardware store are your best bet for the convenience and price if you need to buy one.

Try medication if necessary

If these two solutions don’t work for you, it may be time to try some mild allergy medications. Whether it comes in pill form, or a nasal spray, you’ll want to start treatment a week or two before allergy season is full-blown. If you still find no relief, do not hesitate to discuss this issue with your doctor. Living with allergies can be miserable, but there is certainly a solution out there that will work for you.