How to Combat Seasonal Allergies in Richardson, TX

Are you always stuffy on windy days? Do your eyes water when it rains?  Well, weather is a key allergy trigger, to no surprise. Spring season not only invites captivating blooms but it also opens a door for toxic allergy causing air in the environment. The spring season immediately transforms from the most enjoyable to a miserable season for the allergy sufferers. Texas is a beautiful city to live but only if we uncheck its humid subtropical climate. The cyclic change in weather often results in common seasonal allergies for most of the citizens. These allergies are not only caused due to the weather change but most of the times it is because of the poor indoor air quality.

This is why air conditioner maintenance is priority of people in Texas to ensure the fresh indoor air and avoid potential allergies.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Environment Protection Agency has said that indoor air is 5 times more toxic than the outdoor air. And in order to keep your living environment healthy for your family, you need to take necessary measures in purifying it.

In order to improve indoor air quality in your home, these are some tips that must be followed:

  • The increased usage of air conditioner is highly encouraged. These cooling units help in dropping the pollen count in your living space. These pollens are mostly responsible for causing allergies and thus by using air conditioners, you are practically shutting the door for these pollens to enter inside your home.
  • Clean homes are less inviting for the allergy causing germs thus it is highly recommended to clean your house thoroughly at least twice a week.
  • Indoor plants are a great source to load your living environment with fresh air. According to a study conducted by NASA in 1980s, indoor plants are most effective in purifying indoor air. Spider plant, Aloe Plant, Ficus, Azaleas, Chrysanthemums, etc. are some of the great plants for air purification.
  • Air Conditioners should be cleaned before using them. The dust and dirt embedded inside these cooling units can be very harmful and cause breathing problems for asthma patients. Also, these units, if used unclean can pollute the environment. Thus, before every spring season, get your AC serviced. You must also consider AC replacement in case your house needs it.

AC plays a vital role in keeping the indoor air fresh and breathable. If you don’t own a cooling unit in Texas then consider buying them from wholesale air conditioner stores at affordable prices.