How to Combat Seasonal Allergies in Riverside, California

No sneeze please

Spring has sprung, and that means seasonal allergies for residents in Riverside, California. This satellite city of L.A. sits next to the Santa Ana River, which is how it got the name Riverside. With no conventional “winter” in this southern town, Riverside, CA residents can experience seasonal allergies often, since the plants stay active for long stretches of the year.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to combat these pesky allergies effectively.

Squeaky clean

If pollen or other allergens were able to get into your home, they’ll likely float around for a while before finally falling onto the various surfaces all around. This is where cleaning is important. By having the surfaces of your home cleaned, you’re lowering your exposure to allergens which should lower your symptoms, even if by a little. Take extra care while vacuuming carpeted areas. If possible, use a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

Wear a mask if you must to avoid unnecessary exposure to dust and allergens while cleaning.

Check your air

A properly functioning air conditioner system is extremely important when it comes to reducing seasonal allergies in the home. Your allergies may be triggered more often if your air filters and air ducts are dirty. This happens because when a filter is at maximum capacity, it stops performing its job of letting air pass through, and essentially becomes a wall. Air will make its way through one way or another, which inevitably allows allergens through. Cleaning or replacing an air filter is easy, but this is not so true when it comes to cleaning an air duct. Consider calling an HVAC serviceman to clean your system. This is an inexpensive alternative to neglecting your air conditioner. Neglect it for too long and you may need to purchase an AC replacement at your local wholesale air conditioner or home improvement store.

Tighten up

Keeping your windows closed—especially in the morning—is crucial to keeping seasonal allergens out. Is your home airtight? If not, you may be unknowingly allowing allergens to slip through the cracks. Check your windows and other entry points for any leaks or drafts and seal accordingly.

Try medication

We live in a world with modern medicine. No one should needlessly suffer these miserable allergy symptoms If all else fails, don’t hesitate to see your doctor if you think you need additional help managing your seasonal allergies. Some treatments include: allergy shots, allergy tablets, nasal sprays, and immunotherapy.