How to Combat Seasonal Allergies in Sarasota, Florida


No one wants to be Sneezy from Snow White. Therefore, we have allergy pills, allergy shots, and nasal sprays to help us deal with the annoying symptoms of seasonal allergies. Weather Sarasota residents are checking out the Ca D’Zan Mansion, walking around Bayfront Park, or relaxing at home, they find these tips to be useful when it comes to seasonal allergies.

Here are some ways you can combat your seasonal allergies:

Med up

If you’re going out in the open air, you’re exposing yourself to the many pollens floating around. Depending on the season, these levels vary greatly. So, before you consider going out for the day, you may want to take a quick look at an allergy tracker for Sarasota, Florida. Take an allergy pill and use nasal sprays beforehand if needed. If you’re anticipating that you’ll have bad allergies for this season, it is ideal to have the allergy medications in your system a week or two before the pollen levels start to rise. Plan accordingly!

Dust, mop and vacuum

If pollen gets into your house, it will float around in the air for a while until it makes itself a home on one of the many surfaces in your living space. Floors, countertops, and even clothes (see below) can be subject to having pollen on them after a heavy allergen day. You’ll want to take note of how often you dust, vacuum, and do laundry. While dusting, use a wet wash rag or paper towel, to avoid having the dust fly up into the air again, increasing chances for the pollen to reach your airways. While vacuuming, opt for a vacuum with a HEPA filter, that is designed to filter and trap finer particles. Regular cleaning is a sure way to keep allergens—including the ones causing seasonal allergies—out of your home.

Keep windows shut

This simple tip is self-explanatory. One of the main ways that allergens like pollen enter your house is through your windows. Keep your windows shut, especially in the morning, to avoid having an excessive level of allergens enter your home.

Change filters

With the change of any season, you’ll want to be checking out your HVAC system—specifically your filters. This simple tip will keep your air conditioner, AND your airways running smoother. If you notice a buildup of dust and grime on your air conditioner filters, you’ll want to clean them thoroughly, or replace them altogether. A dirty filter is more prone to letting in allergens, because the filter is no longer able to catch anymore debris if it’s at maximum capacity. If your air conditioner is outdated, you may want to consider an AC replacement. Don’t hesitate to check out the newest models at a wholesale air conditioner shop. Newer models of air conditioners are generally more energy efficient, and have better filtration systems.

Keep clothes and body free of pollen

If you’re coming back home after a day out in the nature, you may want to consider a change of clothes first thing. Pollens that cause seasonal allergies float around outside and your clothes, hair, and skin are a great place for them to stick to. So even if your house was cleaned, and the air conditioner is running great, you’re still bringing allergens into your house via your clothes and body. Make sure to wash your clothes promptly. Take a relaxing shower before bed, to avoid getting pollen on your pillows and blankets.