How to Combat Seasonal Allergies in Tampa FL

Mild Tampa winters combined with hot springs and very hot summers make the Tampa area tough to live in for people with seasonal allergies. In fact, Tampa ranks in the top 100 cities in the country when it comes to having allergy issues. But having a good air conditioning system in your home can help with seasonal allergies in Tampa. Here are some tips from other seasonal allergy sufferers in Tampa to help you get through allergy season in Tampa:

Leave The Air Conditioner Running

You might be tempted to turn the air conditioning off during the spring in Tampa since it’s usually just a little warm. But allergens can start popping up as early as December in Tampa. Leaving the air conditioner on and the windows closed even in spring can help prevent seasonal allergy problems. Make sure that you clean the filter on your air conditioner regularly so that the filter will filter out any pollen or other allergens that get inside the house.

Clear The Area Around Your Air Conditioner

If you have central air conditioning like most homes do in Tampa check the area around your air conditioning unit outside. Make sure that there are no trees or shrubs that could produce allergens that could get inside the air conditioning unit. Mow the grass in the area and check to be sure that there are no roots growing near the unit. Roots that grow too close to the air conditioner could interfere with the air conditioning or even cause the system to fail. AC replacement is not cheap and you can avoid having to replace the system by making sure that the area is clear of vegetation and roots.

Vacuum The Vents

Allergens can exist inside the house too. Without meaning to you or your family can track pollen and other allergens into the house on your clothes or shoes. Dust and pet hair can also make allergies worse. To make sure that you’re not at risk for indoor allergens make it part of your regular cleaning routine to vacuum the air conditioner vents and keep them clean. That will cut down on the number of allergens inside and make your home a haven free from allergens that can make seasonal allergies worse.

There’s no way to avoid coming into contact with allergens in Tampa. But you can take steps to minimize the amount of allergens in your home and make your home more comfortable.