How to Combat Seasonal Allergies in Zimmerman MN

Seasonal allergy sufferers in Zimmerman know that this time of year is when pollen counts skyrocket. Until the fall starts pollen counts will be high and allergy triggers will be everywhere. Because Zimmerman has so many wonderful natural parks and wildlife areas like Sand Dunes State Forest allergy sufferers can sometimes struggle to control their allergy symptoms. Having an air conditioner at home can help make the summer bearable for those with seasonal allergies.

A good air conditioner with a filtration system can give allergy sufferers a break from their symptoms by turning their homes into allergen free sanctuaries. In order to get relief from allergy symptoms in Zimmerman it’s important to keep your air conditioner filter clean. You should replace the filter at least once a month. You might even need to replace it every couple of weeks during the summertime. Cleaning out the cooling coils is a good idea too. Making sure your air conditioning system is clean will also save you from having to do an AC replacement which can be very expensive.

Here are some other tips from Zimmerman allergy sufferers that will help you control seasonal allergies this summer:

Don’t open the windosw: Keep the air conditioner running so that the air in the home stays clean and cool. Opening the windows will allow all sorts of allergens to drift in and once they’re in the home they can be very difficult to get rid of.

Take off shoes and outer clothing outside or on a porch: If you like to spend time outdoors enjoying the many natural pathways and parks that Zimmerman has to offer it’s smart to take off your shoes and socks and jacket on a porch or outside the door. Leave those items outside so that you don’t track pollen or allergens into the house. Your air conditioning filter can help cut down on the allergens in the house. But the air conditioner will work more efficiently if you reduce the amount of allergens coming into the house.

Dry clothes and bedding in the dryer, not on the line: Line dried linens and clothing smell great but they can get covered with pollen and allergens outdoors. When you wear those clothes or try to sleep on those linens your allergies can get out of control quickly. Dry your clothes and bedding inside instead so that you can be sure they are not exposed to pollen.