Cost Guide for Air Conditioner Repair

Air Conditioner Service Call Costs
Most companies charge anywhere from $49 to $129 just to have someone show up on your doorstep. That does NOT include parts and labor for the repair.

The service call cost will depend on:

  • Outside temperature – the hotter the temperature, the more you will pay
  • Time and day – you will probably pay more at night or on weekends
  • Customer status – if you are an existing customer you will probably be serviced ahead of non-customers

Some customers dislike the service call fee to diagnose the problem, but if you consider the position of the repair company, you can easily see why it’s needed

  • HVAC technician labor – travel time to and from your home in addition to time spent there
  • Transportation – providing and fueling a service van
  • Company overhead – reception, dispatch, parts, insurance, the list goes on and on!

Many HVAC companies LOSE money on the actual service call cost hoping to gain you as a customer and get your repair work.

Air Conditioner Repair Parts Cost Guide
Sometimes, if a repair will cost several hundred dollars, the company waives the service call fee.

Here is a list of some typical repair and replacement costs:

  • Circuit breaker in main electric panel – $49-$129
  • Thermostat replacement – $79-$300 (depends on thermostat type)
  • Fan motor on air handler – $300-$500 (labor intensive)
  • Indoor evaporator coil – $900-$1600
  • Condensate pump and drain line cleaning – $80-$120
  • Freon or refrigerant charge – $40-$60 per pound used! (many contractors have a flat-rate for this, which includes the first 3 pounds)
  • Fan motor on condensing unit – $120-$250
  • Compressor – $650-$1200 (If more than 10 years old, you should just replace the system)
  • Circuit boards – $120-$600 (wide range of circuit board costs)
  • Capacitors and switches – $60-$120

There are certainly other repair costs that may arise, but this list provides a few of the most common and can help you better understand what it costs to repair your air conditioning unit.