Gainesville Residents in Florida share Easy AC Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

Florida is too hot in the summer and to stay cool, you need some tips which could make you feel relaxed in the sweltering temperatures. Air conditioners are truly a life saver when fans and coolers fail to perform as expected. Imagining your life without an AC seems like a nightmare so let us take a look on some easy AC tips to stay cool this summer.

Plant a Tree Near the AC

One of the easiest ac tips is planting a small tree that provides shade to the wholesale air conditioner unit. Save money by planting a shade tree if the walls of the ac unit are exposed to sunshine the whole day. But make sure to not let the tree roots grow under your house’s foundation as it will weaken the walls later on.

When the tree is planted, it will shade your ac unit, which will keep the indoors cool thus cutting down the energy bills.

It’s a great idea to contribute towards the environment as well. Planting trees near the unit decreases the heat inside the home as well, which puts more pressure on the ac.

Take the Cooking Outdoors

It may sound impractical but is a great tip to stay cool this summer. Gainesville residents have adopted this technique of cooking in the outdoor area to keep the indoors cool.

Take your utensils outside and cook to outsmart the boiling summers. Swim through the pool or get in a balloon fight once you are done with the cooking. It will help in saving the electric bills as you don’t have to keep the AC on the whole day.

Ask an AC Expert to Check the Duct

If your air conditioning is working, but not providing cool air. You may need to have a technician come and inspect your unit. Have them check the ductwork of your air conditioner as there may be some blockage or a clog. If your AC is eating a lot of energy increasing the electric bills, that is an alert to get the ductwork fixed.

Were you aware of these easy ac tips for staying cool this summer? I bet you weren’t. Follow these tips and if still your AC still isn’t working as it should be, you may need to look into an AC replacement.