The Health & Wealth Benefits of Home Energy Efficiency in Melbourne, Florida

For the health of your body and finances

Not only does an energy efficient house save you money, it improves the wellbeing of yourself and the environment too. Melbourne, Florida is home to some relaxing and enjoyable locations like the Brevard Zoo or Cocoa Beach. If you happen to reside in Melbourne, you probably want your home to be as soothing and stress-free as possible too. Having an energy efficient home can make you feel better about your life by saving you money, improving your health, and reducing harm to the environment.

Some benefits of an energy efficient home:

Saving money

Homeowners have the potential to save thousands of dollars every year by having a more energy efficient home. Whether it’s by maintaining a more efficient air conditioner, having quality insulation, or energy-saving light bulbs, you’ll end up using less energy. This means less money spent overall.

Reduced allergies & contaminants

Clean air ducts, fresh air conditioner filters (or AC replacement), and well-sealed windows will all prevent allergens from entering your living space and causing you respiratory symptoms. Other benefits by having these three energy efficient characteristics are keeping out dust and humidity, therefore lowering the chance of mold and bacteria to grow in your ducts or living space. Your health is invaluable. It is worth having your air ducts and air conditioner looked at from time to time for the sake of better breathing and overall health.

Home value

It’s been shown that having a more energy efficient home results in a higher resale value for your home. Newer customers are preferring houses that are more environmentally friendly, and they’re willing to pay more for houses that are more energy efficient.

More comfortable home

Quality insulation means that the elements of the outdoors make minimal impact on the interior of your home. On those hot and sticky days, you will notice a difference that good insulation makes on your living space. Pair this with a smooth-running air conditioner, and you will not even wonder about the outside temperatures.


By having a more energy efficient home, you are using less energy. Simply put, you’re putting less strain on the environment.


In the long run, it’s easier to have an energy efficient home. A clean air conditioner, well-insulated walls and roof, long-lasting light bulbs means less time spent worrying about your personal health, or the health of your house.

Should I go energy efficient?

It would be wise to make the necessary changes to have a more energy efficient home. Whether it’s finding a good deal on a wholesale energy efficient air conditioner, getting your air ducts cleaned, or having your insulation renewed, you will be helping your health, your wallet, and the world around you.