How Heat Pumps Can Change Your Life

Technology seems to be developing at a breakneck pace. The internet is permeating all aspects of our lives and nothing seems to stay the same, so why should your heating and air conditioning needs be any different? One area that technological development has affected within the heating and air conditioning industry is that of the heat pump.

The idea of a heat pump is not new, in fact it has been used in one form or another since ancient times. A heat pump is a way of transferring heat from one location to another. However, humanity’s ability to master this process has grown in recent years, opening up potential new heating and cooling solutions to consumers.

Specifically, the advancements in valve engineering technologies have led to highly efficient and cost effective reversible heat pumps which can be used for both heating and cooling your indoor space. This reverses the flow of the refrigerant. This means that you can pump heat from your heat sink into your house in the winter, and pump heat out of your house in the summer.

There are several advantages to choosing a heat pump for your heating and air conditioning needs. The first is money. While it is true that heat pumps cost more upfront to install they will save between 40-60% on the cost to run. That means that over the course of its use the heat pump will more than cover the greater up-front investment.

Speaking of working life, this is another area where heat pumps have an advantage over traditional heating and cooling options. Heat pumps can last up to twice as long as a traditional furnace and air conditioning set up, usually 25 years with no loss of efficiency. Additionally, the maintenance required for heat pumps is far less than that of traditional units, which saves costs on service and repairs.

Finally, there are environmental and safety benefits for heat pumps. Because they use dramatically less energy the environmental impact of a heat pump is negligible when compared to other heating and cooling options. Finally heat pumps do not use combustible substances, which can become dangerous as a unit ages, decreasing the risk of accidents. With all the benefits heat pumps can offer they truly can change your life!