How Service on your Air conditioner in California in Novato can help keep your system running longer and more efficient

               An air conditioning unit must be serviced regularly. Novato, California, that is located in the North Bay region of the San Francisco Bay area and very close to Oakland, temperatures vary throughout the year. Your unit should have the unit serviced by an air conditioner technician. The technician will ensure you unit runs longer and more efficient.

                Due to the fact that the temperatures are always so diverse, they are still very average. These constant up and down temperatures make the help of an air conditioning technician at bay and he may need to come out more than usual. The technician will check all parts in the system and make sure they are working efficiently to make sure the system gets as much longevity as possible.

                The first part he or she will check is that there are no items around the unit. Anything that surrounds it will interrupt the inflow of the outside air. That air will be processed throughout the whole unit and proceed into your home. Next, will be the screws on the cover that are located on the side of this important household system. This cover protects the inside of the air conditioner. He will ensure the screws aren't stripped and are in good condition. Any problems with screws mean that water and any fragments from outside the unit may get inside. He then will need to remove the cover and inspect it to make sure there are no cracks or warping beginning. In the event there are any problems with this piece will of course result in replacement. He then will begin the inside inspection. The inspection will consist of the filter, the coils, and any coolant leaks. Air flow through the evaporator coil will be checked and the air coolant level will be measured. All of the connections will be looked over and cleaned if needed. The electric control system should be checked to ensure your wholesale air conditioner has absolutely no connections that are disconnected and/or eroded. If eroded they must be cleaned and coated for no further issues. 

                Your technician will finally inform you of any abnormalities with your air conditioner. The system should be running in an efficient manner in order for the technician to give it an official okay. He will advise you of any malfunctions and/ or parts that need to be replaced. In the event your AC is in very poor condition he may suggest an AC replacement. An air conditioner must run correctly and be in good condition in order to keep it efficient and ensure you get the most longevity out of your unit.