How Service on your Air conditioner in Palm City, Florida can help keep your system running longer and more efficient

When you live in Florida and near salt water, humidity effects everything. Air conditioners in the homes of most Palm City residents are not immune to the exertion required to cleanse humid air. Filters, condensers and fans all become traps for humid debris, causing more technical issues than your average DIY remedy can alieve. Leave your worries to the experts on air conditioners and avoid any costly AC replacements from said DIY projects going haywire (hey, we’ve all been there. That’s why we learn from our past mistakes and get help when we need it…right?).

When you service your air conditioner annually or biannually, you are extending its life by 100-125%. That’s a lot more bang for your buck! Not to mention purchasing a wholesale air conditioner leaves you with a smarter buy in the first place.

What exactly does it mean to service an air conditioner? Essentially, a technician should go through the ins and outs of your AC, ensuring that it is at top speed to hold strong for the coming months and years. Experts check things like the refrigerant amounts, identifying any leaks and patching them as needed. This process allows them to capture the refrigerants, rather than allowing them to dangerously pollute the atmosphere. When you go green with your wholesale air conditioner, you’ll want to be certain that your air conditioner stays eco-friendly by offering regular maintenance and minimizing its carbon footprint in the air. This will not only be better for the environment, but ensure the efficiency of your air conditioner’s ability to filter out pollutants and debris.

Accessing service on your air conditioner will also extend its life. Trained technicians local to Palm City know exactly what to look for, from checking the evaporator coil and measuring its airflow to conducting minor or major reparations along the way such as tightening connections, oiling and tightening belts, or applying additional non-conductive coating.

We take the saying, ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it and raise it up a bar saying, ‘if it isn’t broken, keep it that way through regular, professionally skilled maintenance.’ Sure, it may not be as catchy, but it will keep you cool, comfortable and happy that you’re winning the AC game with a wholesale air conditioner and minimal AC replacements over time.