How to Combat Seasonal Allergies in Fort Worth, Texas

Before you go out

As we transition into the hotter seasons of the year, more of the trees, grass, and other greenery make a presence to all around us. With this rapid blooming, comes a release of pollen. For this reason, people need to have some sort of defense against the allergens that are sweeping across Forth Worth, Texas. Before you go out to see the Fort Worth Water Garden, or the Forth Worth Zoo, consider what the pollen levels are in your area.

Is it just too hot? For the days you decide to stay in, follow some of these tips to combat seasonal allergies when the pollen counts go through the roof.


Pollen is a relatively small particle that floats around after being released from whatever plant source it came from. If you have any small cracks or slits in your house, the pollen may find a way in. To fix this, pay special attention to any entry points (e.g. window sills, doors, floor / wall joints) and use caulk or other types of sealants wherever you see or feel any leaks. In addition to this, use screens for your windows to catch any other types of dust or debris that may blow in your direction.  

You must dust

Whether you have carpet or wood floors, they should be cleaned regularly. If you have old carpet, you may want to look into tearing it up and using a more allergy friendly surface, such as tile or hardwood flooring. Beyond flooring, other surfaces definitely need a good dusting at least weekly. Wear a dust mask if needed to avoid inhaling any particles that are disturbed while cleaning.

Just need to vent

Having a properly running air conditioner is one of the most important things you can do if you’re looking to avoid allergy symptoms while in the comfort of your own home. Be sure to check the filter and air ducts for any build-up of dust. Neglected filters and vents can be the source of many problems, including increased pollen in your air system. If your filters are clogged they won’t let air pass through them. This lets outside air inevitably find a way through the ducts—unfiltered. Consider an AC replacement if you are looking to upgrade your old air conditioner. The best places to find one are typically a wholesale air conditioner or home improvement store.

Ask a doctor

If none of these tips have given you any relief for your allergy symptoms, you may want to see your primary care doctor or an allergist to investigate the cause of your allergies. With more knowledge and insight into your allergies, you should be able to treat them more effectively.