The Lakelands Residents in South Carolina Share What to Do When Your AC Goes Out.

Air conditioner broken? Don’t feel the need to suffer in silence. We took out to the streets and asked some of the residents, what they do when their AC goes out.

Before we get into what some of the residents have said, you need to first be aware of South Carolina State Law. If you are renting a property, your landlord is required to maintain all major appliances, including the air conditioner. Some landlords may be unaware of this rule, but you are in the right here. Most landlord will typically live within the area, so they know how hot in can get. However, there is no guarantee that they won’t drag their feet, and when you are caught for days in the unbearable summer heat, you might need a quick fix.  Have no fear though, there are numerous AC replacement stores and servicemen available.

When ‘Jenson,’ who lives in Hodges, needed replacement parts for his air conditioner, He used the wholesale air conditioner supplier close by. Not only did they have a huge selection of parts, they were very helpful and friendly, so if Jenson’s recommendation is anything to go by, they certainly seem like going this route is worth considering.

Another lady we interviewed was ‘Erika.’ She’d been struggling with her air conditioner for a while now, and after battling the summer heat for too long she decided it was time to check out her wholesale air conditioner store.They responded very promptly, and the repairman was even nice enough to walk her through the problem giving her quality advice on how to avoid similar situations in the future.

The Lakeland’s residents also have several terrific tips on things they do to prior to your air conditioner going out.

  1. Always make sure you get an annual check-up with a professional. Then, in the summer months, when you’re using your air conditioner more often, consider a check-up at least once month.
  2. Always keep a healthy number of fans available. If your air conditioner goes down, there are no guarantees that a repairman will get to you on the day. So always make sure that you have a healthy stockpile of electric fans. Also buy some battery-operated ones for if you lose power.
  3. Prior to a call out, double check the air conditioning breaker hasn’t been tripped. If it has, flip it back. If it still doesn’t work then you may need AC replacement.