Orem Residents in Utah share Easy AC Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

There are many great things about living in Orem, Utah. It has great schools, health care, and a high employment rate. It also has wonderful, warm, sunny weather. In summer, the temperatures are in the nineties, which is great, but you will want to stay cool. Your air conditioner will become one of your most used appliances, and there are some things you can do that will help you stay cool this summer.

You need to maintain your air conditioner. Cleaning it regularly can help it run effectively and efficiently. You should change your filters every four to six weeks, depending on how many people live in your home, if there are pets, and how often you use your AC. You should also check your thermostat, and look for any air leaks in your system. You should have it serviced regularly, which can help you avoid any major damage. If the unit is damaged, a repair specialist can assess it and tell you if it can be repaired, or if you need an AC replacement. When you are replacing your air conditioner, you should look for a wholesale air conditioner online, or in local papers, as this can be much more cost effective for you.

You should close off the vents to any rooms that aren’t used. This means that your AC won’t be wasting energy cooling rooms that nobody uses. You can also use any ceiling fans in your home to help move the cool air. Most fans have a switch that lets you change the rotational direction, so make sure that it is set to move counter clockwise.

If you close your blinds, it can help keep your home cooler. The heat comes into your home through your windows, but once it’s inside it can’t escape. If you have your blinds closed, then it prevents the heat from getting inside your home.

If you find the Orem summer nights particularly warm, then you might be using the wrong type of bed sheet. Look for cotton sheets, as it won’t trap heat in the way that other materials do. If you’re cooler at night then you will probably sleep better.

The other appliances in your home can also generate heat. Your washing machine and drier can create more heat than you would think, so if you can do laundry at night, you may notice that your home isn’t as warm. The dishwasher also creates heat, and, unless it’s noisy, it might be a better idea to run it at night time while you sleep.

These steps are all very small things, but if you make these changes, your home will be cooler, your AC won’t be working as hard, and you may notice the difference in your energy bill.