Review of Aura Attic Fan Ventilator Model AF-6

If you’re looking for a small attic fan, the Aura Attic Fan Ventilator AF-6 may be the right choice for you. It is designed for roofs with multiple dwelling units and has both wind-driven and electricity-driven modes. During the winter months, the wind-driven mode may be sufficient. In warm weather, turn on the fan’s motor and vent the heat from your attic space to protect your roof and HVAC system. Using several small fans can be helpful if you’re trying to remove hot air from each zone of the attic.

Unfortunately, it is more expensive to buy multiple units to cover the same amount of square footage than it would take one larger unit to ventilate. We recommend using an experienced professional to install your attic fan. Placement is key in this type of install and if not placed well, you can harm your roof and AC system and end up paying more to heat and cool your home!The base price for this model in the unpainted finish ventilator is only $67.

 Here are a few key features of the Aura AF-6:

  • Wind-operated fan moves 40 to 120 CFM in 4-12mph winds.
  • Motor-operated fan moves 120 CFM.
  • It has a 1/55 HP motor with a 0.9 amps maximum capacity.
  • The fan speed is 2500 rpm.
  • There are 5 blades with a 5″ diameter.
  • The maximum pitch is 5/12.
  • Curb-Mount flange optional.
  • On/Off switch or switch plus thermostat are options.
  • The milled, unpainted finish is standard, but 20 colors are available for additional charge.
  • The unit is made in the USA.

Here are a few add-ons to choose from:

  • Optional on/off switch: $15
  • Optional on/off switch and thermostat: $50
  • Curb-mounted flange: $20
  • Painted finish: $10