Richardson Residents in Texas Share Easy AC tips for Staying Cool this Summer

Summers are here! Summers in Texas, one of the hottest cities in U.S, make it impossible for the residents to resist themselves from turning on their air conditioner. To beat the heat and save money on energy bills, you need to maintain your air conditioner regularly. As the summers roll in, it’s time to explore some effective A.C maintenance tips to extend the lifetime of your A.C unit while staying cool and comfortable in your home.

Check Filters – The Foremost Essential Step!

Checking air filters and replacing it with a new one should be your first consideration. The accumulation of dust and allergens makes the filter clogged and system functioning harder thus restricting the amount of cool air to come. Therefore, replacing filters is an ideal way to enjoy the chilled wind during the hot summer days; consequently, helping to maintain the long-term health of the unit.

Protect A/C from Sunlight – A Smart Move!

Yes, you read it right! Air conditioners in shade work more efficiently because it makes it easier and less time consuming for the system to cool the air.

Heat Producing Appliances near the Thermostat – A Big No!

Stop placing the lamps, TV sets, or other heat-producing appliances near thermostat because it automatically regulates the temperature of the products and makes the air conditioner run longer than necessary. If you are experiencing some issues with your A.C, it’s recommended to call a professional for help or simply go for AC replacement.

Closing the Vents

A basement is indeed the coldest places in a house, which proves to helpful in summers the most. The cold air drawn from the AC is forced down, but moved back thus keeping the temperature of the room cool.

Change the Furniture

You may be wondering what the purpose of changing the furniture is, but there is a hidden secret to it. The furniture holds the air thus making the furniture cool instead of you! Therefore, there is a need to put plastic pieces so that proper direction is provided to the air.

So, aren’t the tips of Texas residents effective?

Follow these tips and stay cool in the hot summer days of Texas. But still if you are finding any problem with your system, you must contact a local wholesale air conditioner technician for professional advice and support. Good luck!