Sarasota Residents in Florida Share Easy AC Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

Be chill

Are you ready for the hot and humid season just around the corner in Sarasota, Florida? If not, you may find some of the simple air conditioner tips helpful to stay extra cool this summer. There’s no promise you will make your home as cold as Westfield Sarasota Square shopping mall, but we can be sure to try.

Have it looked at

It’s a wise idea to get your air conditioner checked out, at least seasonally, to keep it running at its coolest. An AC serviceman should perform the tasks of: checking refrigerant levels, replacing filters, and otherwise cleaning or replacing any components that may be affected by dust and other debris. Having a regular checkup on your air conditioner will also lower your energy usage, and prolong needing an AC replacement. Save yourself a trip to a wholesale air conditioner store by getting a regular maintenance check on your system.

Lights out

Your air conditioner is running optimally, but you still want your house cooler. Turning off the lights and TV are two easy ways to lower the ambient temperature in your home. You’d be surprised how much heat these two give off over the course of a day. Not only will the lights out keep your home cooler, it will save you money on your energy bill.

Block it out

The source of it all that heat is shining right through your window and boosting the temperature of your home. Yes, that’s right, the sunlight entering by way of window should be blocked out if you want to have a cooler home. You don’t have to sit in the dark though—try keeping your blinds or curtains at half-mast, so you’re not neglecting yourself of that beautiful Florida sunshine.

Drier is better

Lowering the humidity in your home is vital to keep your living space air drier and cooler. You can keep your environment drier in several ways:

  • Crack the bathroom window (or run the fan) while showering to keep steam to a minimum
  • Use a vent fan while cooking to suck up smoke and steam
  • Keep the windows closed on hot and humid days
  • Use an air conditioner or dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air quickly

Dress light

While this isn’t necessarily related to your air conditioner, it will be helpful in letting you feel it more. By wearing light and loose clothing, you’ll stay cooler—whether you’re at home, or kayaking on the Myakka River.