Sarasota Residents In Florida Tell All When Your AC Goes Kaput

For many Sarasota residents, spring and summer are the best moments because of the rays of sunshine. From the beaches of the Sarasota Bay to the lovely view of the Atlantic Ocean, no resident wants to be away from home. However, the high temperatures that hit 100 degrees F in the middle of summer can be disturbing if you do not have a properly performing air conditioner. Even for those with top of the line air conditioners, the changing weather conditions can cause damage to its parts and make operations very inefficient.  Below are some helpful tips from Sarasota residents on what to do when an air conditioner goes out.

Facts about Sarasota, FL

Sarasota is one of the top tourist destinations in Florida that is renowned for great environmental and cultural amenities. By 2013, the city had a total of 53,326 people according to the United States Census Bureau’s 2013 report. The per capital income for Sarasota residents according to the US Census Bureau report of 2013 is $23,197. Approximately 12.4% of the families in Sarasota live below the poverty line.

The city’s climate is a humid sub-tropical that edges close to the tropical savanna type. This climate makes Sarasota’s depict summers hot and humid while winters are dry and warm because of its unique location on the Atlantic Ocean. Sarasota boasts of being the home to the Mote Marine Laboratory that operates as a research facility, marine rescue, and aquarium. The aquarium is considered a must visit for thousands of visitors who visit the city every year.

What to do when your ac goes out

  1. Check the power system

If your power system is faulty or off, the AC system will go out. Therefore, this should be the first thing to check when the system goes out. Getting the AC back might be as simple as switching the power on.

  1.  Check the air filter

If your air filter has not been checked or changed regularly, it is at risk for dust, dirt, leaves, and grass among other debris. With time, this can build up and cause the AC to malfunction and stop.

  1. Check the thermostat battery

Once you have installed an AC system, it will mainly follow the thermostats to start operating. Therefore, if the thermostat battery is discharged, the AC can go out.

  1. Check the air conditioner drain line

Many air conditioner systems are fitted with a water safety switch that turns the system off if it senses abnormal leakage. Make sure to check for water under the unit and call a repair expert if the safety switch has an issue. Remember that you should always call a professional for a further checkup if the problem is complex. If the damage is too much, consider reaching out to an air conditioner wholesale dealer for an AC replacement.